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Name That Recipe GIVEAWAY – Behold the Winner

The time has come to declare a winner in my first ever Name That Recipe GIVEAWAY contest.

I needed a name for my chocolate muffin thingies topped with ganache and served with local pumpkin ice cream, and you all came through splendidly. So splendidly that I had a hard time choosing. I loved them ALL.

Here’s a complete list of the contenders…

The Devil Made Me Do It Cupcakes

Died and Gone to Heaven Cupcakes

The Cocoamotion

Oh my Ganache!

Mamasita Chocolata

Pump Up the Ganache Cakes

Go Gaga Nosh

Love on a Plate

Chocolite Cellulite

Cocoa Loco Local

Choco-Punkin Mounds of Joy

YOCO (You Only Cocoa Once)

Rebirth By Chocolate Cake

Cocoa Loco

Sloshed in Ganache

Now watch the video to find out the winner and see the beginnings of an epic personalized mug! (My creative process should be bottled and sold, so you’ll really want to see this one.)

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  1. Oh Rache, DON’T PITY ME! I CHOKED. But you are very kind. And a vlogging goddess. I luuuurve your vlogs. Now…

    CONGRATS, D-PANTS!!!! Totally well deserved win, and I’m totally not at all jealous of that amazing mug that clearly channeled the chilliest and most creative of giveaway gods.

    I think you two could swap some serious Maine-hair-freezing tales. Meanwhile I shall drown my sorrows with my tired ol’ mustache mug.

    • Jules, COME ON, your entry deserved a mention, even though I didn’t even say it right on the vlog. Maybe it did need a little improving…JUST KIDDING!

      I didn’t realize D also has also suffered from frozen hair, an unkind side effect of living in New England. One year I was in Providence, Rhode Island for New Year’s Eve. It was so cold I cried real tears–which then froze on my face. Also, they cancelled the fireworks that night because it was so cold. New England is a harsh mistress.

      Oh and please keep calling me a vlogging goddess or really any kind of goddess.

  2. oh. my. god! You have made my entire week, Rachel!! I am dying over here. That vlog was hilarious. We do have so much in common, you’re right. And yeah, it’s pretty dang cold up heyah. (I once wrote about how my hair froze to the icy ground after I fell down and no one believed me) By the way, was it Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale? because that stuff is the shizz.

    I am sooo freaking excited about this mug. I will be emailing you my address, just as soon as I finish eating these blueberries with my toothpicks.

    • I love that you think this was hilarious. You made MY week. Do you think non New Englanders think it’s funny? If not, who cares. I’m a Masshole.

      Is this frozen hair story on your blog??? I must read it!

      I don’t remember what kind of beer it was. I was in Portland at the time. Maine is so beautiful, despite the cold (but I’m usually up there in the summer).

      Hehe – blueberries with toothpicks. You must have to eat them like that every day, otherwise there’d be a toothpick/blueberry surplus which would ruin Maine’s entire economy.

      • I was going to start affectionately calling you a Masshole, but uh…wasn’t sure it’d be well-received. But it’s okay, my older brother was one for many many years. (In more ways than you ever could be, I imagine.)

        Yes, you are funny, your vlogs are great, you look so cozy wearing that Red Sox hat. And this frozen hair story is from way back in my post archives. I think it was under the title Stand Up and Get that Sh*t Out! (or something….)

  3. Ok, first . . . Congrats to Darla!! Stellar submission. And it’s ok, cuz she said she’s gonna win the lottery tonight, so I’m sure she will drown my complete and total heartbreak at not winning this contest in multiple hundred dollah bills, y’all. Do you hear me, Darla??? 😉

    Also, confession time . . . I could only watch the video with no sound, because my computer at work is an asshole. I plan to listen to it later, but at least I could see the winner when you held up that nifty drawing. I’m going to assume, for my piece of mind, that you actually said, “Misty’s submission was by far the best of any naming of things ever in the history of the world, but it was actually TOO creative and ingenius, so I have to take the SECOND best submission, so as not to ruin all contests forever and ever again, because nobody could ever be as creative or wonderful as Misty and her submissions.” I’m pretty good at reading lips, so that’s what I got out of it. 🙂

    • That’s EXACTLY what I said. Word for word. You are a marvel at lip reading!

      If Darla really does win the lottery I will make you a mug. Then send it to Darla so she can fill it with one hundred dollah bills. It’s the least she can do.

  4. Whoo hoo, congrats Darlnachedness! Of course you need another fab coffee mug because you don’t already have a plaid one. Good job, way to go! (Putting on a brave, “good sport” face, gritting my teeth and typing through tears of loser-pain)

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