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The Obligatory After Thanksgiving Post

Now’s the time for a food blogger to talk about all the inventive ways she’s using her Thanksgiving leftovers. Not me. I’m putting stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce between two dinner rolls and calling a day. I’m a purist.

The remains of our turkey (yes, it was local) and the beginnings of an amazing sandwich

You might be asking yourself, How does she have time to post when there’s shopping to be done and sales to be fought over? Well, Inquisitive Reader, I do not shop on Black Friday. I generally avoid shopping altogether, unless it’s for boots. I can always shop for boots.

So if I’m not writing about leftovers or shopping, then why are we all here? 

We are here to receive inspiration for my Name That Recipe Giveaway. Spending the day with family yesterday was an inspiration to me, especially since three of those family members are under that age of 13.

Sarah, 10, mentioned she saw my blog recently.

“You drew on that mug?” she asked. “Did you draw a cinnamon roll on the table? Ethan thinks it’s a cinnamon roll.”

“No. It’s local food. I even labeled it ‘local food.'”

“A cinnamon roll would have been better.”

See? So many inspirational ideas!

When I told them about my giveaway contest, they were bored looked at me like I was weird were intrigued. Ethan, 7, said, “What do they win?”

“Coffee, a mug and notoriety.”

Ethan was unimpressed, “Well, that’s not a good prize. You should give away money.”

“Ethan, you don’t understand the essence of the blogging community. No one blogs for the money.”

In the spirit of my Name That Recipe Giveaway, we decided to rename all of the Thanksgiving side dishes. Here are some of the highlights.

The side dishes in question

Glazed Carrots:

Ethan: “Tiny Pumpkins! No! Bowl of Orange!”

Sarah: “Roasted Carrots with a Honey Pecan Glaze. Hahahaha! I cheated. I used my iPod to look up recipes.”

Ashleigh, 12, made an appearance: “Cut- Up Mimi Fingers” (This requires some explanation. Mimi, which is what the grandkids call my mother, is known in our family for her unfortunate carrot-look-alike fingers. I have to add that this is the ONLY unfortunate thing about my mom–she’s lovely and delightful in every way.)

Ash posing with Mimi’s cut up fingers

Green Bean Casserole:

Sarah: “Jack in the Beanstalk Casserole”

Ethan: “I don’t like it”

Butternut Squash Puree:

Ashleigh: “Gold Mush”

Sarah: “Puke Mush”

Gold Puke Mush never looked so appetizing

Then the whole thing degenerated to potty humor.

Now you have your inspiration! And until Monday at 8 am to Name That Recipe. Click here for a chance to win a personalized mug! (Winning that mug would make all those hours of blogging worth it, right?)

{PS – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d be thankful if you went over to Childhood Relived and voted for MY family photo. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of the post (Angie is a blogging inspiration!) or the hilarity of the family photos, especially mine.}


  1. Oh my gahhhhh… I was too late to vote but the Childhood Relived photos are hilarious. My sister and I have a whole bunch of snaggle-toothed photos: pre-braces & fashion sense. We were a disaster. I loved the few after Thanksgiving posts I DID read, but I really think the ENTIRE rest of the world was shopping because my traffic looked like I just started blogging last week. I don’t do Black Friday shopping either. I have a short fuse, a real problem with line jumpers, and a boyfriend that can’t handle lots of people in his personal space. We opted out and ate pie. Hope your holiday was awesome!!!

    • Eating pie is a good substitute activity for just about anything. Good call!

      And you can still vote! Sometimes the poll takes a minute to load, but it’s there until Monday at 6 am. I am launching a war to win this thing, so go vote!

      Happy post Thanksgiving pie eating to you! I’m off to buy some gifts…online!

  2. It’s a challenge with every nice meal get-together we have in our nice dining room to not wind up in potty humor territory, no doubt the ages. Looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! We have not had ours yet, but tomorrow is looking good. Ginny’s been super-sick since Sunday. Always something.

    I commented on Angie’s post. Hm…we have more people in this house. And computers. Perhaps “we” should go vote again. BTW, I’m still baffled as to why your pepper vlog didn’t FP. Really.

    Cheers, Rachel! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope you get some cool boots.

    PS — I like Ethan’s style. “You should give away money.” That’s one smart kid. Sarah’s “puke mush.” Classic.

    • Poor Ginny. It’s no fun to be sick, let alone on a holiday. Hope she enjoys her extra special Sunday Thanksgiving!

      Yes, please! Have everyone in your household vote, but only if that vote is for ME! I recall from your comment on Angie’s post that you did NOT vote for me. 😦 I’m launching an all out social media blitz tomorrow to win this thing. My slogan: A vote for me is a vote for awkward girls everywhere.

      I’m headed to the movies with all three of the aforementioned kids tomorrow. Should be a good time and potty humor will definitely make an appearance, as always.

      Still talking about the pepper vlog??? You should petition WordPress on my behalf. 🙂

      Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Shannon!

      • Okay. I voted twice, er, uh…my husband voted for you and my kids voted for you (on their own free will on their computers). It’s the least I can do to assuage my guilt.

        Ginny’s so much better today! Got antibiotics for strep (in addition to croup, poor girl) and she’s turned the corner after a horrible, fever-filled week. All the Christmas decos came up yesterday, so a festive Thanksgiving table is on the schedule for today — we’ll even use my great-grandmother’s Noritake china to kick it all off right.

        What’re you guys seeing at the movies? Curious.

      • We are seeing Wreck It Ralph. Sarah, 10, made the choice. My 12 year old niece wanted to see Twilight. She’s way too young for that! It makes me feel old.

        Glad to hear your Thanksgiving is on its way! Nothing better than putting up Christmas decorations. Mine are finished!

  3. Liz

    Love it! It sounds quite similar to the conversations we would have had if we’d tried to name the side dishes!

    My daughter and I did not shop yesterday, but we did swing by the mall on Wednesday while the man of the house was making pies…and what did I get ….BOOTS! Apparently we all share many similar preferences beyond the food blogging realm.

    • I love that you shopped while the man of the house made pies. All is right with the world. 🙂

      It was an entertaining conversation to say the least, and the best part: I was wearing boots during the whole thing!

  4. These kids are really making me look bad, geesh! I’m glad they’re not in the running.

    Listen, it’s our friendship that matters to me. Not some contest or some custom mug or some… I WANT THAT MUG!!!!

  5. You are so winning that contest! Again! Holy awkward, it’s like a Dynomite dynasty you’re creating here. How do you do it, Rachel? Someday you can write how-to books on it.

    Is it weird that even the remaining turkey carcass you’re hacking away at is making me hungry? Mimi’s fingers? Not so much.

    • They like me; they really like me!!!

      Or maybe everyone feels sorry for me; they really feel sorry for me???

      Either way, I’ll take it. I’m stoked to have won again. I’ll have to take myself out of future competitions, but I think I should get a trophy or something.

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