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Firsts and Lasts in Maine

The first time I traveled to Maine I was a wide-eyed 8-year-old in love with summer and wild blueberries.

The next time I traveled to Maine I was a four-eyed 12-year-old with a fear of snowmobiles and moose meat.

My expectations of Maine are high

My expectations of Maine are high

The last time I traveled to Maine I talked to the Maineiac (I like to call her “D”) and after dazzling her with my personality and complimenting her hair, she chose me as July’s featured blogger on She’s A Maineiac!

D does plaid

D does plaid

Before you click over to her blog and read my “firsts and lasts” interview, I feel like I should properly introduce you . So Rachel’s Table readers meet D, D meet my awesome readers.

See what I mean about her hair?

See what I mean about her hair?

Just to break the ice, I present to you some fun facts about D:

To steal a phrase from D’s mom, “Jeezum Crow!” I could go on and on about D’s virtues. She’s one of my favorite blogging buds and a wonderful human being to boot.

So grab a cup of coffee and click here to check out D’s Firsts and Lasts Interview with yours truly. Leave us both a comment over there (now that you’ve been properly introduced).

Darla Rachel Collage

I like to think D and I would have taped this photo into our side-by-side lockers had I known her in junior high.


  1. Le Clown

    I like to think that I have met Darla in one of my many trips to Maine with my family, when I was a kid. In this very large fantasy land of mine, we played mini-golf together, and where she kicked my butt. Then she brought me to a place where they serve the best seafood in town, and not the tourist traps we often found ourselves in, eating clam chowder from a can. And Darla laughed at me, as I couldn’t stand these green flies that were always trying to get a bite out of my city boy skin. Fond memories, really.
    Le Clown

    • It’s always good to cling to those fond memories, Le Clown. Especially considering your trip here didn’t go anything like you had planned. And those green flies were the least of your worries. [insert evil cackling here]

    • Dearest Le Clown, that sounds like a wonderful memory. I imagine D is a gracious host. You should come down to Delawhizzle. I’ll show you the green clouds of pollution and we can watch Blue Hens play football while eating Scrapple.

  2. Holy crap, she hates lobster and has been FP 4 times? I didn’t know that. She’s very mysterious. Darla looks a bit like the first girl I ever smooched at a junior high dance. Had I known about restraining orders then, I’d have gotten one to deal with the subsequent harassment. Geez, you use a little tongue and they want to marry your 13 year old butt.

  3. Isn’t Jules gonna be jealous of that “BFF” thing!? I’ll pop over and check out D’s Rachel page. I won’t tell her that I once slugged Jason Bateman in the elementary school bathroom. He was an obnoxious little shit. (I was friends with his sister, Justine).

  4. Babs

    Haven’t got time to read (at the moment) all the awesomeness that is your blog, but just wanted to say that I’m in Maine at this very moment and can totally understand why no one would want to leave. The only traffic noise is that from the few boats on Penobscot bay. It smells like live Christmas trees that I can only enjoy in December and we’re about to head out for real lobstah. I’m think I’m in heaven.

  5. That junior high ‘locker photo’ made my morning. I’m still in denial about Darla’s lobstah aversion. Your interview was so fabulous. I love you both like I love champagne.

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