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Champagne Wishes and Chipmunk Dreams

Today is a special day.  A day when chipmunks giggle more than usual, champagne bubbles float through the air, and mustache glasses sparkle like bare-chested vampires in a sunlit meadow.

It’s Jules’ birthday! Go, Jules, GO!

I met Jules right here on the blogs. We went from virtual friends to real life friends quickly, bonding over a mutual love of avocado egg rolls, writing and beer.

River Horse Ra and Jules pose

To honor her on the occasion of her birth (and to commemorate the end of National Poetry Month) her blogging buddies and I composed Jules-themed haikus (remember writing those simple, three line poems in elementary school?).

I’m raising my champagne glass and donning my blinged-out mustache glasses just for you, Jules! Let’s party!

Haiku cupcakes

Champagne and chipmunks
Bloggers write to celebrate
Happy Birthday, Jules!


Between chipmunk cheeks

Mouth wishes happy day ‘neath

Cool mustache glasses

Happy, happy birthday to the ever-delightful Jules ❤

~Nicki from The Middlest Sister


Bacon, Booze and Gifts
Happy, Happy Day to You!
Can I have some cake?

Chipmunks Dance and Sing
This is the day Jules arrived
To love them with Verve

Uncle Jesse lives
Through your pooch and John Stamos
Whoa, don’t touch the hair

I am horrible
At writing haikus for Jules
Points for the attempt?

~Misty from Misty’s Laws


bleaching her mustache

for strangers and three husbands

bacon and wine joy

~Renzzzzz from Renée Schuls-Jacobson’s Blog

Haiku Renee

Pink bubbles spring forth
another year dances by
Raise a glass to Jules

Bringing sexy back
Blonde ambition and chipmunks
Vodka drinks and pie

Justin Timberlake
(forgetting my next line now)
JT on my brain

I’m on a payphone
Trying to call sweet Adam
Tattoos and ripped abs

Justin, Adam, Me
Holding pink champagne up high
Bubbly birthday cheers.

Happy 29th birthday, JD!!

~Darla from She’s A Maineiac



Hey there birthday queen
Don’t weigh yourself down with cake
Pour those glasses full

Still close to thirty
But forty will be here soon
Better have a drink

~Andrea from Maybe It’s Just Me 


summer sunshine smile

singing angel’s voice, hey wait

is that a mustache?

~”Debbie” from Hippie Cahier

haiku hippie


Little did she know,

Chipmunks regarded her as

Their own blog mascot.

~Emily from The Waiting


Haiku Stay Cool

~Angie from Childhood Relived


I buy you champagne
I buy you cheese and bacon
No more mustaches.

I’ve seen you naked.
I must say “Whoa, Go Jules Go!”
Love, your first husband.

~The Venerable Peppermeister from PEPPERMEISTER!

jules and peppermeister


No longer jailbait

Happy Birthday blogger bud

I’ll bring the vodka

~The Hedonist over at The Food and Wine Hedonist


Bacon and vodka,

Birthday party revelry.

Chipmunks leap and dance.

~Peg from Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

haiku peg

Kiddie-pool of booze.
Uncle Jesse in ‘stache-specs.
Birthday: Done up right.

Eminent blogger;
Singer; a new promotion.
Well, so far so good.

Is your birthday mine?
Happy day, doppelganger!
(Now, who’s dress is this?)

~B-Man of  The Byronic Man

haiku dress


Vingt piasses dans mes poches
Je chasse, je cherche l’avantage
C’est crissement génial.

~Le Clown from A Clown on Fire


I can think of no better way to end this post than by introducing you to the woman that started it all.

Introducing Babs, Jules’ mom and expert fitted sheet folder. . .

haiku jules and babs
Babs, thanks for giving us the delightful Jules. Because you raised her right, I raise my glass to you. Now for your haiku:
Haiku Collage

Celebrate with us! Leave a haiku in the comments, if you wish. (It’s not hard to write one. Only three lines – first line is five syllables, second is seven, and the last is five again.) Cheers!


  1. Holy chipmunk shiz!!!
    Someone please pass the tissues
    …I spilled my Champagne.

    But seriously. This is -without a doubt- one of the sweetest things anyone (anyones) has ever done for me — and I’m lucky to say, that’s REALLY saying something.

    Wow. …Wow.


    THANK YOU. Excuse me while I go read this 10,000 more times and cry mop up champagne drops of happiness.


    • I wish you gals were here right now. There is all kinds of inappropriate drinking / feasting going on.

      My heart is so full.
      Oh wait that is my stomach.
      Better pace myself.

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  3. My babies say HI
    To Jules and her gay doodle
    You still rock says don.

    Lol, is that a Haiku?? Anyway, Jules, you’re one of the best and a sweetheart to boot. Thanks for being my blogging pal. Seeing that you have thousands doesn’t cheapen it at all for me!

    Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy, happy day Miss Jules! You’re a breath of fresh air around the blogosphere and I’m delighted to call you friend.

    Thanks for putting this together Rachel. But writing a haiku was hard. Really, really hard. When I took social studies we studied socials, so I don’t know nothing about poetry.

  5. Rachel, you are the best a friend could ever ask for. What an inspiring compilation of haikus! Here’s mine, late in usual fashion.

    friends to be treasured
    are friends who collect haiku
    for saucy chipmunks

    Jules, Rachel — May your friendship continue to climb to new heights in the coming years. We look forward to your future antics and expect clever posts when you do. Cheers, girls!

    • So sweet of you to say, Shannon. And your haiku was great too!

      Missing your posts, but I’m sure your garden and house reno is taking up a lot of your time. Can’t wait to “see” your garden soon.

    • I made the Babs haiku one and the one with you and B-Man’s dress (I stole it from your blog and I hope that’s okay). I did it on Pic Monkey – picmonkey.com.

      I had so much fun looking at your adorable face and Care Bear lunchbox!

      Everyone else submitted their own pics, including an EPIC powerpoint done by the masterful DP.

  6. Look how loved you are! Meanwhile no one TOLD me we could have multiple verses in our haikus! OMG! I would have gone on and on about how you are the most generous basket maker, and yet I still have no ‘stache glasses.

    Why not in the box?

    Happy b’day, darling! Hope the celebration goes on and on.

  7. What is a haiku? That should’ve been my first line since that was my response to Rachel who was awesome enough to do this…what a thoughtful friend! It turned out smashing.

    Happy birthday, Jules! Hope you’re too drunk to read this.

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