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Celebration and Confession Thanks to the Bad Influence of a New Friend

I am in a celebratory mood. And why not? Fall is in the air; I ate a honeycrisp apple today; and yesterday I made a new blogging friend.  In person. And it was glorious.

Here’s our bloggy friendship story in a nutshell:

Searching WordPress’ recommended blogs, I discovered a gem called Go Jules Go. I visited said blog regularly, chuckling at Jules’ antics and admiring her positive spirit and excellent speaking voice (thanks to her video blogs).

Next, I read a post on MWF seeks BFF, a blog highlighting all things friendship.  This particular post recounted the sometimes embarrassing or awkward situations friends can get into together and then asked the question, “Is there a blogger out there…that you’d want to be friends with?” Without hesitation, I answered thusly: “Hands down, I’d pick Jules from Go Jules Go. I laugh out loud while reading her blog, and always relate to her posts in some way. She’s hysterical and I know awkwardness would abound if we hung out, in an embarrassingly delightful way!”

In a twist of fate and slap bracelets, Jules and I began emailing. She’s just as hysterical via email as she is on her blog. An example from a recent email: “I’m sorry if the font size on this email is screwy. I don’t know what the heck is happening with my email lately, but every time I start a new paragraph, the font gets bigger. Is it like a hint that I should shut the hell up? Well. Screw you, Yahoo! Everyone makes fun of you, you know. Having you as an email carrier is like still having a pager.” And this nugget: “The last time I ordered a mimosa…I asked them to hold the orange juice.” Jules is a riot.

You can see why, when she emailed me saying she was passing through Delaware on Sunday, I eagerly agreed to meet her. And that leads me to my confession…

We met at Cheesecake Factory. As you know, a locavore is not at home in this establishment. At all. But due to its convenient location to the highway, it was the perfect spot for a bloggy friendship to bloom. And bloom it did.

First we exchanged gifts. My very own ‘Stache Glasses!! With bling no less. Jules gives these marvels away FOR FREE just for answering a thought-provoking question she poses. As far as I can tell, the most ridiculous answer wins. She also wears them to work everyday (I like to think that anyway).

This is my blogging mentor. On another note, notice the woman in the background. Clearly she’s overwhelmed by the 300-page menu. She’s giving it the stink-eye.

My present to her was a labor of love. A card carefully crafted with scrap book paper, a sharpie, and a highlighter.

Yes, this is a chipmunk with a blue mustache. If you keep up with gojulesgo.com, this will make perfect sense to you.

After squeals of delight over our gifts, Jules and I celebrated our new-found friendship by ordering mimosas without orange juice and egg rolls with avocado. I’m not gonna lie. Those egg rolls were the so-not-local-bomb. Jules and I wondered just how the Cheesecake Factory peeps do it. So crispy and warm on the outside with perfect, not-mushed-up avocados on the inside. Falling off the locavore wagon for one afternoon was worth it for the few hours of delightful conversation and bloggy bonding that occurred over those avocados, cheesecake and champagne.

So now I’m raising my glass to Jules and toasting all the blogging inspiration and advice she has given me. Cheers to you, Jules, and to meeting in real life!

Orange-juice-less mimosas are so refreshing!

Celebrating our own awesomeness

P.S. – This is Peppermeister, Jules’ blogging husband. He gave me a present, too, which I will tell you all about very soon. (It’s local!)

TWO new friends! How cute are they?

P.S.S. – Can’t get enough of those ‘stache glasses? Head over to Go Jules Go for more photos and frivolity.


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  2. First of all, Rache, if I didn’t already admit to myself how much I love you, I have now, after seeing your generous photo cropping/selection/filter application of the walking dead. This is what true friendship is, no?

    Will it creep you out to know that I keep your card next to my lap top so it remains visible at all times, since I never leave my lap top, ever?

    You do those ‘stache glasses justice, and I hope you bring them to our next bloggy meet up. New Hope is lovely in the fall. 🙂

    Peppermeister is soooo excited to see what you’ve got cookin’ with ‘da peppers!

    You are a true chipmunk.

    • You must keep your card with you at all times, just as I have been wearing my ‘stache glasses everywhere, even to bed. ALL the photos we took were lovely–I mean, come on, look at us. We are fantastic. 🙂 We make quite the complimentary pair of friends.

      Oh, I think Peppermeister will be very pleased.

      And remember: always hold the orange juice!

      PS – I hope you weren’t upset that I made our very private correspondence public. 😉

      • Very upset. Especially the parts where you called me “hysterical” and “a riot.”

        I’m getting this post tattooed on…well you’ll just have to wait and see.

        Do you think maybe we’re just too much for the blogosphere to handle at once? Can you imagine if I’d REMEMBERED my ‘stache glasses??

  3. Super fun post! I’m jealous to hear of yet another blogger-meets-blogger escapade. I wish I had been there too! I’da taken way more pictures. You two are just too stinkin’ cute. Bad influence looks good on you.

  4. Sarah

    Uh this post totally made my day…..especially to see that there are people outside my circle of friends wearing ridiculous things on their faces! Legen……dary! 🙂

  5. I enjoy the stink-eye woman in the background. She looks like an angry extra in our film that was told she’d have a speaking part and was downgraded to “overwhelmed customer”.
    My stink-eye for that menu is so fierce, I don’t even look at it, I just turn to Julie and ask “what am i getting?”.

  6. This makes me feel all warm and happy inside — like I just had a mimosa and 86’d the orange juice. What love here! You all are too cute. I want to swaddle you all in receiving blankets and throw you over my shoulder. That’s how cute.

    Now I need to go stick my face in an avocado.

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