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Brews and Blogging: A Pictorial Adventure

Last Saturday, I visited a local brewery with an almost local friend.

Jules (famously known for the Blog of all Blogs gojulesgo.com) and I met right here on the blogs, thanks to the wonderful world of WordPress. As fate would have it, we live only one state away and about two hours apart.  Besides location, we have a lot in common. We blog. We have husbands. Our favorite movie is Clueless. We don’t save champagne for special occasions. We like to high five. We think The Bryonic Man is dapper. And we like to drink beer.

Since we have the beer-drinking in common, Jules suggested meeting at River Horse Brewing Company in Lambertville, NJ. Nestled on the shores of the Delaware, River Horse is owned by two “finance geeks” that hate cubicles (Jules and I agree on this too–cubicles are spirit-breaking).  With husbands in tow, Jules and I took a tour and enjoyed four good-sized samplings for only $1! I highly recommend any beer at River Horse. I loved them ALL, but especially the Belgian Freeze, which was so full-bodied and smooth I went back for seconds.

Shenanigans ensued and we have the pictures to prove it…

The adventure begins…

Our beer adventure guide drank a pint while she talked

Jules’ husband, Peppermeister, turning into a Brewmeister


Hello? Where’s the beer? (Is it weird that we hung out in the beer warehouse for most of the day?)

Bloggers and friends ROCKING the ‘stache glasses

This is for your scrapbook, Jules. I heart you.

{Jules is  HOT commodity these days. Check out her blogger profile by WordPress! Well done, Jules!}

Take the tour!

River Horse Brewing Company

80 Lambert Lane

Lambertville, NJ 08530



  1. I can’t stop laughing at “famously known for.” Also, the list of what we have in common makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I may still be drunk.

    I already miss you so much. And the Belgian Freeze is almost gone. You know what that means…

    You just took my scrapbook to the NEXT LEVEL! Babs will be so proud.

  2. As soon as we walked into that room, all I could think about was holding that giant wooden boat oar they use to stir the beer. I was also thinking “why didn’t we get to bring pints of beers on the tour?”

  3. Okay, I really was coming this way – I’m not just here because you called me dapper. Though don’t let the fact that I’m here stop you from doing so… Perhaps you’ve seen my latest video blog? It’s called Skyfall, and it’s in theaters.

    Brewery tours and winery tours are so fun. I once “tasted” at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin until I was asked to leave. Getting kicked out of an Irish pub. That can’t be a good sign, right?

  4. Ok, Rache. You’ve got me. It only takes EVERY FREAKING PERSON ON WP to mention you in a week and talk about how awesome you are, for me to finally get to your blog. Well played, ma’am.

    And the first post I read is another bloggy meet up with Jules? Involving booze? Oh yes, well played, indeed!

    Looks like a fun time. I went on a tour at a Sherry “brewery” in Spain many years ago. I had never tasted it, but apparently they are famous for it, so I was game. It was pretty good, but much less shenanigans ensued than I would have hoped.

    Oh, and we have the same stache glasses, you and I. Check and mate, my friend.

    • EVERY Freaking Person??? Not yet, but soon…

      What I didn’t mention in this post is that the brewery tour was preceded by a champagne lunch. Jules and I know how to spend a Saturday.

      I will see your stache glasses and raise you a slap bracelet.

  5. No fair. I have no Texan bloggers to take to breweries. And we have several good ones here.

    I guess there are perks to living in the northeast. It doesn’t take more than a day to drive across your state! So lonely down here…

    “Mmm. Beer.” ~ Homer Simpson

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