Rachel's Table

‘Fess Up

This locavore has a confession to make.

I can’t really talk about it, so pictures will have to suffice:

I got in the car. . .

Applebee's honda

Wearing these. . .


And drove here. . .


To pick up this. . .

Applebee's Carside to Go


Applebee's Chocolate Gross

Just because dessert is made at my “neighborhood bar and grill” does not mean it’s local. I am so sorry. To redeem myself, here’s proof that I couldn’t even finish it all. . .


I jumped off the locavore bandwagon and I regret it. Can you ever forgive me?

Why don’t we ALL ‘fess up? Where do you go when a craving hits? (And are pajama pants involved?)



  1. Nooooo!! Not pajama pants and uggs!! Oh, Rach. I’m so disappointed in you. :p

    As to the dessert . . . meh. We’ve all been there. I’m trying to eat less carbs and lose weight and be healthier, blah blah blah. Last night I had a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. The night before? Chicken alfredo. Yeah, this week is going well.

    What is the eggroll looking thing?

  2. You’re forgiven. In all reality, I’m in all reality a pseudo locavore. There are some ingredients you just need to make a meal perfect–a hint of citrus, a giant cup of coffee (locally roasted at least), even salt. And everyone has a rough or busy day where some form of take out is in need. I can guarantee there’s nothing local about my favorite Chinese food restaurant’s chicken and broccoli. As long as you try, and more importantly are conscious of your food choices, you’re doing a lot better than most.

  3. Ha! Oh MAN molten cake is a temptress – Applebee’s is the place I discovered it, too! The PJ bottoms and “just because it’s made at my neighborhood bar and grill” line cracked me up.

    If I’m going to fall off the bandwagon TOTALLY, it’s gonna be something like diner cheese fries or White Castle (or both). Subs, pizza (and cannolis if my sweet tooth kicks in!) and sesame chicken are take-out temptations, too. Wow that sounds so Jersey.

    • All those things sound so good. I would gladly drive to Jersey to enjoy them with you. (As long as I can wear PJ pants.)

      I found a sushi place that DELIVERS. There’s something so wrong and so right about that.

  4. Hilarious! I’d say my guilty pleasure chain is Five Guys… we don’t have one in our town but when we go visit my sister, we may or may not HAVE to go to five guys for a little cheeseburger and Cajun fries…

    • I just commented to someone else that I went to Five Guys this week too. I failed completely on the food front this week. Even as I’m typing this I’m drinking coffee from Starbucks and not from my local coffee shop. Locavore fail!

      • It’s fine… if it makes you feel better, I had chips and guacamole for dinner last night and I’ve probably eaten about 134345423 avocados in the last month…. I don’t think avocados grow in upstate NY…where it snowed a week or two ago—in April. I’m going with “I just needed a warmer weather pick-me-up.”

  5. NO no no no no no!! I don’t give a rat’s ass about the PJs and slippers. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with culinary guilty pleasures – mine are White Castles and Taco Bell. But Applebee’s?!? Ughhh…

    • That’s precisely why this was such a big confession. I ABHOR Applebee’s. Of all the chain restaurants, it has to be the worst (besides McDonald’s). I don’t even know why I ventured there – I just knew I wanted chocolate cake.

  6. I forgive you. I just had a huge craving an hour ago for chocolate, anything chocolate…so I ran to the pharmacy on my way home from school and bought a Nestle chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. I intended to buy them just for my kids, but I ended up eating one in my car on the way home. (didn’t want it to melt) I was wearing pants though when I bought it.

    • Nothing better than an ice cream sammich! Now I want one of those Nutty Buddy cones and a screw ball – remember those? They had the candy at the hard candy at the bottom.

      I applaud you for your pant-wearing capabilities. You are an inspiration (seriously–I find it increasingly difficult to even bother wearing jeans anymore. They are so uncomfortable!).

  7. Unfollowing your blog. This is too much of a serious problem for you to redeem yourself!!! 😀

    Well, the only thing I can possibly think of was going out to go get Oreo’s while in college. It’s not too big a deal — the problem is I went out at 1:00 AM lol I really wanted some Oreo’s!

    • Ah, Oreos. I haven’t had one in YEARS (unless the mint oreo-like cookies from Trader Joe’s count. I buy them at Christmas sometimes.) Oreos are the perfect craving food and it’s easy to eat an entire row without even realizing it.

      Thank you for NOT unfollowing my blog. 🙂

  8. Ha! Love this!!! On a long day of travel, sitting in the Roanoke airport.. Which what is in Roanoke anyway??? This email made my day! I’d take pjs and uggs over my heals on this Saturday! Cravings… My craving is a glass if Pino noir… And I will be getting it on my 3 hour layover next in Charlotte! Thanks again for the smile today!

  9. First off, it’s worth noting that we must drive the same car — Honda Accord? That car is most certainly not local, but I forgive myself. Secondly, I’ve been known to grab some drive-thru cheese fries at Don & Millie’s and then I promptly shower and do a juice-detox afterward so it’s almost like it never happened.

    • I;m picking up what your putting down. As long as I eat kale at some point this week, I feel redeemed of this whole mess.

      Yes, a 2003 Honda Accord Coupe. I am a BAD ASS. (I adore my car.)

      • Ours is a 2005 and a hybrid. The Hybrid Accords are so BADASS that Honda stopped making them about a year after they first sold. That’s how well they did.

  10. Forgiven? Of course, silly girl 🙂 I used to hit Dunkin’ Donuts for cravings, but we don’t have one here, so now I just go to the supermarket and buy a box of Little Debbie snack cakes and eat half the box myself. 😡 No PJ’s involved, though.

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