Rachel's Table

I’ve Got a Secret to Tell

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I feature lighthearted topics such as food, restaurants, friends, and local eating.

But today, I’d like to gather you all around my table to share a secret, something I don’t talk about often, if at all.

I’m guest posting for Melanie over at Deliberate Donkey, a blog about domestic violence. As Melanie says, “Domestic violence shouldn’t be a secret. [On Deliberate Donkey], it isn’t…people speak out against abuse and share their stories of survival. Reader discretion is advised.”

So my secret’s not so secret anymore. I’ve assigned honest, unashamed words to my story, and I’m a better, lighter person because of it.




  1. I’m glad you’ve moved on with your life and cut the cancer out. No one deserves to go through something like that. You’re a beautiful woman and there are many people out there who will recognize that and treat you like you deserve to be treated. Stay strong!

  2. Leanne Palmer

    Rachel, I am so sorry you went through that. I was young (younger) when you went through that, but you are so lucky to have moved past it and become the beautiful, confident woman you are today! You are lucky to have Joe now!

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  6. Well done, Rachel – on all counts.
    I hope you’ve found someone who treats you with respect, love and decency – always.
    Lord knows you’ve earned some happiness.

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