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Wicked Good 90-Second Pie Crust

I’m usually all about slow food, taking my time, cooking with care. But at Thanksgiving, I kick it into high gear, thinking ahead and taking shortcuts to get good food on the table with plenty of time left over to visit with friends and family. Which is why I usually buy pies from the local Amish bakery. But this year, inspiration struck when my dear friend Sarah Sleeper came to visit.

Sleeps and I, giddy after a good meal in Philly

Sleeps and I, giddy after a good meal in Philly

When Sleeps got off the plane, she had a pink box in her hands. A pink box filled with goodies of all kinds.

Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo

Sleeps is on a great adventure these days. She started her very own small business called Wicked Good Bakery which is the spot to be on Saturday mornings in Plymouth, New Hampshire. She sells custom, creatively decorated cakes (check out her work —-> click here), cupcakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls, bread, cookies and of course, pies.

Wicked Cute Cupcakes

Wicked Cute Cupcakes

As we were sipping on French-pressed coffee and eating a glazed donut, Sleeps mentioned that the bakery won “Best Pies” for her area.

THE Donut

THE Donut (definitely better than a Cronut)

“And you make your own crust and everything?” I asked. “Yup. It’s easy” was the reply.

I disagreed, telling her the story of my first attempt at pie crust. I was fifteen years old, a novice in the kitchen, and the whole dilemma ended in my tears and a lump of dough that was both hard as a rock and falling apart. I never made pie crust again.

Sleeps just laughed my story off. “Let’s make crust this afternoon. All you need is a food processor and a few ingredients.”

Her optimism intrigued me. By the time she was finished dumping ingredients into the food processor and pulsing to bring it all together, I was a believer. “That took less than ninety seconds,” I gushed. “Why haven’t I been making crust all these years?”

If you’re not a believer yet, watch this video. Seriously. Ninety seconds.

Filled with some frozen blueberries, cinnamon, a bit of flour, and touch of heavy cream, the pie looked like perfection and tasted like I bought it at Wicked Good Bakery.

Wicked Good, Wicked Quick

Wicked Good, Wicked Quick

Wicked Good 90-Second Pie Crust*

*Unfortunately, this is not the OFFICIAL Wicked Good Bakery pie crust recipe, but it’s still wicked good

2 cups all-purpose flour

2/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons shortening (you can substitute ice-cold, unsalted butter here)

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon salt

7 tablespoons milk (you can substitute cold water here)

In a food processor, dump the flour, salt, sugar and pulse to combine. Add the shortening and pulse until small lumps form. Pour in the milk a little at a time until the dough comes together. Remove, divide the dough into two discs and chill for an hour before rolling into pie crust. Makes two 9-inch crusts.


  1. First of all, did Sleeps really carry that box of magical deliciousness on the flight?? Wow. My heart is pounding. In the good way.

    This is exactly how I make my pie dough, except I use cold butter and ice water. I’m thinking this looks even easier. The Cuisinart is worth its weight in gold[en butter].

    P.S. – When are we road tripping to Plymouth?!

  2. My grandma would laugh at you as she does this same recipe with water instead but works the butter or shortening in by hand until she’s finished two cans of Busch Beer, then she knows it’s good to go, and it always is!! Have a great Thanksgiving, Rachel! I may take you up on insanity depending on my post holiday waistline. Lol. Your friend’s sweets look amazing. I wish I lived close to her shop…sort of.

    • Your grandma sounds awesome! My grandmother would whip up biscuits in less time than it took the coffee to percolate. With no utensils but her chubby and lovely grandma hands.

      I spent a whole 17 minutes on the treadmill yesterday, so an Insanity throw down might be just thing I need to get motivated.

  3. That might be the single most magical box that I have ever seen — I want everything that is in it right now!

    I’ve had a giant unused food processor in a back kitchen cabinet for over 8 years now and this just might be the thing to finally bring it out of the box.

    • You can also use your food processor to make chimichurri (https://rachels-table.com/2013/11/08/churrasco-de-rachel/), so you def need to get that thing out. I’m always confused by all the parts that go along with it – I have an entire basket just for the little plastic pieces and different blades. It really does take a lot of effort to get it out of the cabinet.

      And YES – what a nice surprise when I saw the pink box! Just seeing her would have been enough! 🙂

    • Peggles!!! I was just talking about you with Jules and Darly-pants. We were missing you.

      Who knew pie crust could be so easy??

      Happiest of Thanksgivings to you as well!! I wish I could send you a box of wicked good baked goods.

  4. I bake pies for the holidays, and always make my own crust – but let’s get into details – if I use shortening, which holds up better than butter, I don’t get that buttery flavor. If I use butter, my crust is incredibly hard to work with.

    If I use half and half, it’s easier – but still, VERY hard to do the whole lattice thing. While folding back the strips, they always break in half. Please ask your friend to share her secrets. I am doing my apple lattice pie, and there will be much swearing and wine involved. My husband begs you.

    Happy turkey day!

    • I know–shortening is so much easier to work with, but it doesn’t have the flavor or flakiness that butter offers.

      I say do a mix of the two with either ice cold water or milk. Then make sure the dough is chilled completely before working with it.

      I hope your crust turns out okay! Lattice is no joke but Sleeps managed it in only a few minutes. She’s currently making over 60 pies as we speak for Thanksgiving orders.

      Oh, and even if your pie crust works out beautifully wine should always be involved (just less swearing).

      Happiest of Thanksgivings to you!

      • Will post a pic of pie, if you’re inclined to look.

        Once upon a time, I used to sell desserts to people. Maybe, 12 pies? But 60? NEVER!

        My secret weapon – I sold them to people in pyrex glass dishes, so they could pass them off as homemade – boo yah!

        I meant to comment yesterday, but Little Dude and I got lost in the world of cupcakes due to your post – he’s making his requests!

        Thank you for your bee-yoo-tiful food blog, served up, I might add, but a very beautiful lady. Gosh, you’re pretty. Do you just photograph well?

        Happy Gobble Gobble to you and yours!! And to Sleeps! Loving her cupcakes!!!

      • Why thank you on all counts. I will be humble and just say that I photograph well. haha. You are too kind.

        Good call on the pyrex! That must have been an expensive pie, though.

        If you post the pie pics on your blog, I’ll be sure to check it out!

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