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It’s Maine-ly About the Lobster (and the Friends)

If there hadn’t been lobster, I don’t know how I would have survived. Two weekends ago, I hit the road with fellow blogger and dear friend, Jules.


As you can see, we were very excited to visit Maine, but deliriously excited to see Darla of She’s a Maineiac fame.  Jules and I were full of optimism and adventure as we put wheels to pavement (<— that’s what we writers call foreshadowing). We sailed through New Jersey, New York, and even the worst travel state of all, Connecticut. But in Massachusetts, the car wobbled and weaved, so I pulled over.

One day, two bottles of champagne, five accommodating Toyota employees, four tires, and four expensive (but ugly) rims later, Jules and I made it to Maine. (For a more detailed and entertaining account of this story, visit Jules’ blog by clicking here: Maine: The Best Worst Trip Ever.)

This is Jules. This is what we do when stranded in Massachusetts with no car.

This is Jules, making the most of being stranded in a state other than Maine.

So when one has experienced a debacle of epic proportions, been stranded at a Holiday Inn Express, and is in need of a little TLC, where does one go? To Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen in Freeport, obviously! All I wanted was a glass of wine and some local Maine lobster. Linda did not disappoint me. I ordered a novelty item called Lobstickles. Yes, you read that right. LOBSTICKLES –  a lobster tail popsicle marinated with tarragon and grilled to perfection. Things were definitely looking up!

Grilled split tails with clarified butter - ON  A STICK

Grilled split tails with clarified butter – ON A STICK. It’s better than it looks. TRUST ME.

Exhaustion aside, I'm enjoying my Lobsitckle.

Exhaustion aside, I’m enjoying my Lobsitckle.

The next morning, Jules and I woke up to freezing rain, no coffee, and no Darla. She was being held captive by a frozen driveway and plummeting temperatures . Rather than risk a no-caffeine headache, Jules and I took my new tires for a spin and ventured to town. Once there, we walked the ice-riddled brick sidewalks, waiting for the shops to open.

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

Seeing as it was only 9:30 am, we also needed breakfast. A tiny building caught my eye. Jules and I walked by it several times, trying to determine their opening time and hoping they served lobster omelettes. They weren’t open; they didn’t sell lobster omelettes; but the shopkeeper opened his doors anyway and made us lobster rolls. For the second day in a row, lobster made the day much brighter.

The lobster roll in question. Best Breakfast Ever.

The lobster roll in question. Best Breakfast Ever.

Our gracious host.

Our gracious host at the Freeport Chowder House

With lobster in our belly, Jules and I were ready to meet Darla for lunch. Where we ate more lobster.

How cute are they?

How cute are they?

Lookin' good, Lobstah

Lookin’ good, Lobstah

Maine Ra and D

With Darla. FINALLY!

Darla was happy to see us, despite our 24-hour tardiness. (If you’d like to read a hilarious account of her endless waiting and our eventual meet-up, visit Darla’s blog by clicking here: Bloggers Gone (Mainely) Wild.)

The rest of the trip flew by – we laughed, we drank gin, we talked about blogging, we discussed life. We became better friends. And remember that lobster omelette I was wanting? It happened. At the Freeport Cafe. Eating that omelette, plump with bright red lobster claws (my favorite part) made saying goodbye to Darla and Jules slightly easier.

Well, hello there, Lobster Claw Omelette

Well, hello there, Lobster Claw Omelette

I'll be back, Maine. Save some lobster for me.

I’ll be back, Maine. Save some lobster for me.


Have you ever met a blogging friend in real life? Was lobster involved?


    • Miss you, too, D!!! It went by too fast, especially since it took over 24 hours to get there!

      Maybe you should come down to the Mid-Atlantic states next time? Instead of lobsters, we can eat…cheesesteaks I guess. On second thought, I’ll see you up in Maine this summer.

  1. “That’s what we writers call foreshadowing.” Haaaaa.

    That lobster poking out of that omelet?? OBSCENE. Deliciously, deliciously obscene.

    We’re going back for more of all of this (and by that I mean Darly Pants). …Once they’ve patched Route 15.

  2. Agreed with Jules on the foreshadowing line. Very funny.

    I’ve now read all three accounts and I have a ridiculous craving for lobster and champagne. Alas, I am housebound because I have a flat tire (true story). Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your omelet (<— That's what we English teachers call a really bad sentence.)

  3. Each one of your posts was entertaining in their own way! You poor thing having to replace all the rims and tires. I’m in Massachusetts about 2 hours from where you were stranded – had I been closer I would have hosted you at my house! Lobster roll for breakfast and lobster omelet sound so heavenly!

  4. That’s it, I need to go to Maine. But not alone. As I’ll never make it. But the lobstah is calling my name. I’ve had crab omelets (I’m in MD, duh!), but never lobstah. Maybe next time . . . go by train?

  5. Wow, that is weird. I just another blog and there were the same three people involved. It was like Deja Vu or something. Have you ever read Darla from She’s A Mainiac? She had some pictures that were so similar.

  6. My wife’s life ambition is to get seafood poisoning from eating too much lobster. She says it’s doable. You ladies are too much fun separately, so together, I bet it was shitloads of fun. I’m slightly jealous.

  7. It was such fun reading all three of your accounts of the trip, and the lobster (which is one of my top 5 favourite foods…maybe even top 3, yeah, top 3). What an adventure, the lobster, looks like a great time, and the lobster! Lovely pictures, and lovely stories from all three of you. And the lobster.

  8. How did all four of your tires and rims go bad at once?! WTF universe!!

    But champagne, lobster, and good company will fix anything and everything that ails both you and your dramatic car, so, luckily, you were in the right place at the right time.

  9. I want to come next time–champagne, omelettes (that how we spell it in Canada too), lobster, good friends–what else could you want (besides tires that do not go flat–but than Jules would not have had a good story to tell and you would not have had to empty your bank account)

  10. Wow, you drove to Maine in the winter?!? I went to college in Maine (not too far from Freeport) and winters there are no joke! But you are right–lobster makes everything better. But, was that red wine you were having with your lobster?

    • I was WAITING for someone to say something about the red wine and the lobster together. I wanted red, so I had red.

      Yes, winters are NO JOKE. The entire state was a sheet of ice.

  11. So proud of you and Jules for actually DOING this thing, come hell or high water…or high ice…or low potholes. I’ve already expressed my extreme, soul-destroying jealousy all over the interwebz so I’m not going to mention it again. So happy for you and your adventure. Really. So, so happy.

  12. I need some lobster right now after reading all three posts. I was almost in tears of joy reading about lobsticles and that lobster omelette. But my car is at the mechanics right now with oil problems and so I have to eat boring cereal and my own tears. Glad you had fun!

      • When one does not have a car, grocery store shopping becomes difficult. It is coming home tomorrow morning, but until then, it’s cereal and sandwiches for me. Boo. I have never had a lobster omelette so I need to fix that ASAP.

  13. Comment #6,247. Looks super fun.

    I made Baja lobster tacos last night, cuz that’s how we “roll” in So Cal. LOL

    Hey, are those flying saucers in the polar vortex shot??

  14. Adventures in Kevin's World

    I’ve never been a big lobster fan, but you’ve got me thinking maybe I need to try it in Maine. Perhaps not in winter though.

    I have met a fellow blogger in real life, when I had a visitor make it all the way to Denali National Park in Alaska. Lobster was not involved, but lots of photography, salmon, and halibut were. Does that count?

    Now that I am getting settled in Mt. Rainier National Park, I’m hoping for visitors here….

    • I’ll be sure to check out those posts, Kevin. And halibut definitely counts! It’s my favorite fish! And salmon is a close second favorite.

      My brother in law lives near Mt. Raineir – such a beautiful spot! Lucky you!

      • Adventures in Kevin's World

        Mmmmm…. halibut.

        When you & the hubby visit your brother-in-law here, make sure to let me know! We still need to have our chocolate fest.

  15. Shit like that doesn’t happen when bloggers meet in Texas. We get ice and snow here like every 10 years. Oh wait…that was before global warming. (Kids are all home from school today due to icy conditions. ICY CONDITIONS. In Houston?) Scratch that.

    Glad to see you guys made lobsters out of lemons. I so prefer that to lemonade in the winter anyway. And danggit. I’m just too far to ever get to crash one of your bloggy parties; if I ever do make one, I’ll be sure to bring Gnomie.

    Thanks for sharing the adventures with us wannabes. Cheers, Rache!

    • We are thinking of meeting up in Chicago at some point, Shannon. Maybe you and Gnomie could hop on a plane?

      Lobster out of lemons. Hee hee.

      I can’t believe you have ice! I know it snowed in Austin recently, too.

      • Chicago, huh? Tempting, but not if it’s in January. They have “lake effect” snow — the worst. I enjoy seeing photos of my brother digging himself out of a 6-ft snow drift at the front door…from the warmth of my computer screen in my flip-flops.

  16. Holy richness. Omelettes with lobster, a perfect marriage! Please tell me they make a scratch and sniff sticker of this and I can purchase it at my local Target. Aw, I love you guys! Glad you had a great trip, bumpy start aside.

  17. I’ve never met a blogger in real life, never mind one as cute as Jules!
    And I’ve never tasted lobster in my life. (Yes, I am a weird one, it’s true.)
    Great post, Rachel!

    • Jules is the cutest!

      I think I speak for her when I say we are disappointed in your no-lobster-eating-ever. You must remedy this. Surely, there are some cheesy, ultra-romantic surf and turf restaurants near your workplace? No nevermind – go to Maine and say hi to Darla for me while you’re there.

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