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Fall Photo Montage at Longwood Gardens

Snow is in the forecast, which means fall is passing by. I thought I’d revel in it a bit more by sharing some photos I took on a recent trip to Longwood Gardens. Spanning over 900 acres of Pennsylvania countryside, Longwood Gardens was once the estate of Pierre DuPont. An avid gardener and agriculturist, Mr. DuPont built the gardens, the conservatories, and preserved the trees on the property, which now stand proud and strong at 200 years old.

Given my love of locally grown produce, the edible garden was my favorite part of the property. Swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, and all manner of veggies grow beautifully and in abundance.

Hope you enjoy the photos – even though the day was gray and cloudy, the gardens speak.

Longwood fence

Longwood urns Longwood treehouse Longwood lake Longwood bug Longwood peppers Longwood mums Longwood yellow mums Longwood weird tree Longwood bark Longwood yello Longwood tree Longwood white mums Longwood meadow 2 Longwood meadow Longwood concrete bench Longwood trees Longwood cat Longwood chairs Longwood hosue Longwood dragon Longwood birds Longwood fuzzy Longwood inside 2 Longwood inside Longwood castle Longwood swiss chard Longwood garden Longwood train Longwood kids Longwood pumpkin Longwood joe and brothers

(This post is for you, Natalie! May you find comfort, peace and God’s presence as you take your own trip through the gardens this morning. I love you!)


    • It snowed for about 5.9 seconds this morning before just drizzling and turning gray and cold. Oh winter, I’m not ready for you. Time to start taking vitamin D…and in your case, stocking up on water and canned goods.

  1. Your trees reminded me of a funny story. A few months ago I climbed a tree with my daughter because I hadn’t climbed a tree in years. I got up there pretty good and felt young and strong again. The branch I rested upon snapped and I nearly fell to my death and I felt old and fat again quickly. Oh nature, you shrew. Great pics though.

  2. Gorgeous photography, Rachel! And what you said about the gray weather is so true. We once went to a bonsai garden in Korea and it was drizzly the entire time, but the plants made up for it.

  3. Love the beautiful pics, and so happy to have found your blog! I dig all things foodie, and especially any ways to improve the quality of my life, food-wise! Thanks for this lovely little corner of the internet – I’ll be stopping by frequently!

  4. Love the bootie buggie wuggie (duh!) and the garden train. That indoor atrium shot — ooh, so calming. Makes me want to have one of my very own (indoor garden room, that is). Nice post, Rachel!

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