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We Go Together Like Garlic Scapes and Bacon

Certain foods just go together. Foods like…

Peanut butter and chocolate

Tacos and margaritas

Zinfandel and grilled steak

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Pizza and beer

Chips and guacamole

Coffee and donuts

Today I present another combination: garlic scapes and bacon. This is not so much a recipe as two things combining to create magic.

Speaking of two things combining to create magic, yesterday was my four-year wedding anniversary to Mr. Rache.


Perfect Pairing

Over the course of these years, we’ve laughed a lot, cried a little, moved a zillion times, stressed out (me), taken everything in stride (Mr. Rache), and kept the magic alive by learning from each other. But most importantly, we just go well together.

Much like garlic scapes and bacon. Garlic scapes are the flower stalks or stems of hard neck garlic plants. They are curvy, whimsical, and delicious alone, but magical when combined with savory bacon.

Scapes from my CSA - Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Scapes from my CSA – Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Garlic Scapes Wrapped in Bacon

(Alternate Title: How to Keep the Magic Alive in a Marriage)

6 (or as many garlic scapes and bacon pieces you can get your hands on- the more the merrier) eight-inch, tender pieces of garlic scapes

6 pieces good quality, local bacon (or your favorite kind – when I can’t get local bacon, I buy Applegate)

BETTER than peanut butter and chocolate

BETTER than peanut butter and chocolate

Tightly wrap each scape with one piece of bacon, spiraling down the scape as you go.

The beginnings of the perfect love affair

The beginnings of the perfect love affair

When all the scapes have been wrapped, heat a heavy skillet over medium heat. Add the scapes and cook until the bacon browns on one side. Turn them. Cover the pan with a lid (this helps the scapes to cook through). Remove the lid as needed, turning the scapes until each side is browned.



Remove the scapes and drain on a paper towel. Serve immediately.

Magical combination

Dynamic duo – they go together like me and Mr. Rache

I'm thinking, "I might love you more than bacon - only time will tell."

I’m thinking, “I might love you more than bacon – only time will tell.”


  1. I have never even HEARD of garlic scapes, but I think I just fell in love as well. I guess I’d seen them on garlic, but never knew they had a name. And what a name! Scapes. That is awesome.

    After reading all your food pairings, I am now incredibly hungry. Lunch needs to get here fast! Mmmm, yogurt, carrots and banana. Yeah, it just doesn’t have the same wallop as bacon. Damnit.

    • I’m eating fish and snap peas for lunch, so I feel your pain somewhat. I would rather eat bacon and chocolate.

      Garlic scapes are usually available in farmers markets – common in these parts this time of year. They are so good.

      But I’m thinking of treating all my vegetables this way – green beans wrapped in bacon, broccoli wrapped in bacon, salad wrapped in bacon…

  2. Three things:
    1. Genius! I never thought of doing something like this… now if only I can convince Farmer Ben to cheat and eat bacon… 2. Happy Anniversary! 3. We get Applegate (Turkey) Bacon when we can’t get local, too (You have such good taste)! 4. Have you tried duck bacon? It’s life-changing.

    • 1. Eat bacon and no carbs – they cancel each other out!
      2. Thank you!
      3. Great minds think alike!
      4. NEVER had duck bacon. I wonder where I could find some. Off to google it.

  3. Dang girl! Look at your back! PLEASE tell me you were at the gym every day before your wedding and that doesn’t just ‘happen.’ Now that I’ve gotten a taste (har har) of your wedding pics, I want to see all of them.

    Mr. Rache is so laid-back. I would be too if you fed me like this.

    Happy anniversary!!!

    • I’ll be sure to bring my wedding album to our next hang out. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for such a nice compliment! Before my wedding, I did a lot of running, including running stairs. Ick.

      Mr. Rache keeps me sane. If he was any more laid back, he’d be asleep all the time. haha.

  4. This is the most drool-worth post ever. That recipe is to DIE for. I think Jim might faint if I make that for him, his two biggest food loves are garlic and bacon. (me too)

    That photo of you two walking away is perfect. Happy Anniversary to you guys!

    • The best thing about this: EASY and SO IMPRESSIVE. It’s my favorite recipe so far this summer. If you can find some garlic scapes, you HAVE to make it.

      Thanks, D!

      • That could mean any number of things. For example, it could mean that Joe makes anything you pair him with better. (OH! You owe me one for that, Joe…) Or it could mean that he acts as a natural vegan repellant. (Two points for Joe.) I’m hoping that you being more garlic-like doesn’t mean that too much of you causes heartburn.

  5. Happy anniversary! Love garlic scapes. Had my first this year from our own garden, bulbs passed on from a friend. They are going to be regulars in this garden from now on. As I’m not growing my own bacon these days, I’ll dine on them a la carte instead, or perhaps a quick olive oil sautΓ©e.

    Then there’s that dress. WOW!

      • Well, as soon as I have some time, I’ll post again! I believe I have a photo of leek scapes already, which are just as delicious. Will incorporate it into June’s Photo-a-Day.

        Have a look at my latest posts (there aren’t many since March) for random shots around the yard. I really miss it. Just picked a couple of tomatoes from the overgrown, untended garden today. Still going!

    • Ooooooh, I hope you find them. This was so simple and satisfying. I guess bacon is always satisfying though. I never knew about scapes until I got them in my CSA last year – fun to try new things.

      Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife!

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  7. wow. such a beautiful combination, I’m so sad that we’re not getting scapes anymore because I’d like to try it out. I wonder if its just as good with beef bacon since I don’t eat pork.

    • I think any good quality bacon would be brilliant! It’s hard to go wrong with two quality ingredients! I received a small bunch of garlic scapes in my CSA yesterday, so I can make this one more time. πŸ™‚

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