Rachel's Table

I’ve Been Freshly Pegged


Pegged as what?

Insane and nutso.

And a darn good hot pepper eater.

Peg from Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings is featuring my Peppermeister Roulette video for her series, “Freshly Pegged: THIS one should have been Freshly Pressed.” For those of you not in the WordPress world, being Freshly Pressed is a big deal. The intelligent, creative, hard-working editors at WordPress choose a few posts each day to highlight on their extra special Freshly Pressed page. It’s quite an honor.

It’s also quite an honor to be featured on Freshly Pegged.

And even more of an honor to be referred to as insane and nutso by Peg. When the video first debuted on my blog, Peg made this characteristically hilarious comment:

I can’t believe you did that. You are inSANE! I can’t even do one, teeny, schmeazly jalapeno. You are my hero and/or you need psychiatric help.

If I tried eating those, I would be totally red and blotchy, and would have snot running down my face. How could you still look great while doing that? (What little of you I could see peaking beyond that freakishly large thumb that was blocking practically the whole, entire lens.)

Her comment pretty much sums up what you’ll see on the video, so head on over to Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings to take a look at an insane, nutso video of me eating hot peppers.*

Thank you to Peppermeister for this screen shot and the hot peppers

I’ll be your pepper hero, Peg!  

*You may want to take some dramamine in preparation for the fine camerawork.


    • Hey you! It’s not a big deal…until you’ve been Freshly Pressed. Or if you like your stats to spike. I think many of your posts should have been Freshly Pressed. You should pick one and send it to Peg!

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