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Let’s Play Peppermeister Roulette…Again!

Last September the first round of Peppermeister Roulette hit the blog.

Let’s see how HOT Round 2 is, shall we?

If you’d like to learn more about the peppers tasted here, visit Peppermeister’s blog (make sure to tell him Rachel wants a tie-breaker).


  1. Woo hoo!!! I don’t need to tell you that I. Love. This. So glad you did it again. Did you know that I have Peppermeister seeds for my garden? I’ll be growing my very own collection of Peppermeister Roulette “bullets,” but doubtful I’ll play the game.

    You are my hero. That was TOUGH. LOL

    PS — WordPress folks, are you watching? This is the stuff of Fresh Pressed. I mean, come ON. This girl totally rocked the vlog. Throw her a bone, m’kay? Or maybe a fresh bowl of yogurt and some beer at the very least.

      • Too much to do. If I want to catch up on blog reads, I’d have to get up at 3:00a. No thanks. I normally just scan the email to see if it’s worth “clicking away” — as this one clearly was!! — and then comment / like while I’m there. So limited on time during the daylight hours.

        Really did love this, Rachel. So up my alley! And you are too stinkin’ cute with your runny mascara and snotty nose. You appeared to have been trying to force-inject yogurt into your ear canals via your tongue. LOL So funny.

      • YES! If I could have poured that yogurt directly in my ears, I would have. I came *this* close to making that oink noise I make sometimes when I’m trying to scratch both my throat and my ears. Do you know the one? It annoys my husband and many of my friends.

    • I have some seeds too! I’m so excited to start planting when it gets a bit warmer.

      You are right–that was TOUGH. I’m wondering if Peppermeister has anything else up his sleeve for me–I’m game!

      You and your Fresh Pressed talk. I think my husband’s videography skills alone should qualify this as FP status. (I’m sorry if anyone got motion sickness while watching this vlog.)

  2. Someone give this woman a purple pepper heart! And a modeling contract! And a Freshly Pressed vlog!

    My favorite part was when you bit into the last little round one, you just held it in your teeth for a moment while I laughed maniacally / cringed – those are some of my favorites, but I use ONE, sparingly, crumbled over a whole meal, and it’s still spicy as all get-out.

    You are insane. And I love it.

  3. Oh, you poor, sweet, DUMB girl. I have yet to use my dried peppers, but what this highly educational and entertaining video has taught me is to NOT EAT THEM WHOLE. Especially the little round ones. Wait, I don’t think I have any of the little round ones. Phew! Ok, I’m good. :p

    Seriously, what on earth possessed you to think this was a wise plan? You be crazy, yo. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you did that. You are inSANE! I can’t even do one, teeny, schmeazly jalapeno. You are my hero and/or you need psychiatric help.

    If I tried eating those, I would be totally red and blotchy, and would have snot running down my face. How could you still look great while doing that? (What little of you I could see peaking beyond that freakishly large thumb that was blocking practically the whole, entire lens.)

    • Ha! You didn’t see the snot? It was there.

      And I don’t think all that howling at the end of was very attractive at all.

      I’ll be your pepper hero, Peg!

      Glad you watched it, Peg!

  5. Babs (as in GoJulesGo)

    Wait. Doesn’t Peppermeister have to do the same thing now? I want to see a vlog of the two of you going to head to head (?) until one of you cries “I can’t take the heat so I’m ….” well, you know. You are one braaaavveee (crazy, beautiful) woman!

    • Babs (as in Go Jules Go)! So nice to see you over here! Thank you for watching my ridiculous video!

      And you just had the best idea ever. Peppermeister better be prepared to have a Pepper-Off with me. It’s happening.

  6. I feel like a proud pepper papa! I love watching my fiery dried fruit scolding the mouths of those brave enough to endure them. Another admirable performance. After you ate the 2nd pepper (Jamaican Hot Chocolate ), I was sure you were ready to throw in the towel but your pepper perseverance is top notch. That pepper is literally 100 times hotter than a jalapeno. That being said, Jules and I get down with my homemade Jamaican Hot Chocolate Pepper + Carrot hot sauce on a pretty regular basis. The last tiny peps that stung you were Chiltepin chiles (cheel-tay-peen), those were the bird poop peppers that we discussed privately.
    Amazing video, I shall be spreading it throughout the interwebs, post haste!

    • I feel like the whole thing kept building. That Jamaican Hot Chocolate Pepper was hotter than the last pepper, I think. But by the time I got to the last (bird poop) pepper, I was REALLY feeling it. But none of it was unbearable. (I know it didn’t look like that.)

      Yet again, I’d say this was an excellent collaboration. Hmmmm…

    • Holy hot peppers! That’s THE FIRST TIME Peppermeister has ever called / referred to me as “Jules”!

      Look what you do to him, Rache!

      And just so everyone knows: The challenge is officially ON. August 2013.

      • There’s lots more “Jules” to come if I have anything to do with it.

        I’ll be preparing for the Pepper Duel by eating scotch bonnets and ghost peppers on my cereal. Do you hear that, Peppermeister?

    • Chiltepins! Those are the peppers I used to pick off my Pee-Paw’s “pretty berry bush” that he always told me not to pick. At 7-yrs-old, I learned the hard way why that is.

      Can’t wait to plant all the seeds in my garden. I will direct sow into my dedicated pepper garden (amended with lots of organic material and epsom salts) this spring. Still too windy to plant yet…one more month.

      Doubt I will be playing this dangerous game of Roulette — I know my limitations. Cheers, Peppermeister! Thanks for helping to entertain us with your choices for Rachel’s masochism. A most perfect pair. Loved it.

      PS — That same grandfather used to hand cross-pollinate the ‘tapin with the habanero, whose progeny my own father would eat with his eggs. I stuck with the ‘tapins which are the perfect mouth-popper before every bite (keeps lip burn to a minimum). Habanero…not so much.

  7. tsheets

    That was awesome!! I literally cringed when you picked up that Chocolate one. I didn’t know exactly which one it was, but, they’re all HOTTTTT! I figured you’d be out after that one! haha! Such a trooper!

  8. Glad it was you and not me! Champion effort Rach 🙂 But I don’t know how you can manage to look so good while being teary, snotty and through the lens of a terrible cameraman. 5 stars!

    • Ha! You totally called Mr. Rache out on that one. He was indeed a terrible cameraman this time around. Too much beer, maybe?

      Look for a “pepper off” between Peppermeister and I sometime this year. It should be EPIC.

  9. Very impressive. You have serious culinary courage. I love spicy food… right up to the moment that it’s too hot and then I’m like a 4-year-old. “NO NO NO NO NO! I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANY MORE!”

    • “Culinary courage”? That’ll be the name of my made-for-TV movie, starring Soleil Moonfrye of Punky Brewster fame as me with a cameo by you (in red dress and blond wig of course).

      Thanks for having the courage to watch this masterpiece. 🙂

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  11. Ra! I felt your pain…but I admired your fierce stamina in the midst of eating those hot, spicy peppers. You shall prevail (hear that, Peppermeister?)!

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