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Peppermeister Roulette 3: Duel to the Death

Last year, I played the first round of Peppermeister Roulette when the venerable Peppermeister gave me a bag of his colorful, home-grown, organic hot peppers.

In February of this year, I played a second round with another gift from Peppermeister –  dried peppers.

Each time, I proved my pepper prowess. But there was one more pepper I needed to dominate – PEPPERMEISTER HIMSELF. With fire in my eyes, I challenged him to a Peppermeister Roulette duel.

Who will win? YOU get to decide.

{A HOT and SPICY thank you to Jules – first wife of Peppermeister and creator of Go Jules Go – for filming and editing this edition of Peppermeister Roulette. You are the ‘stache to my glasses, Jules. Also, thanks to Jules’ magical neighbor Jeff for stopping by to lend Peppermeister much-needed moral support. }

You’ve watched the duel, so tell me, who is the clear winner? Who dominated those peppers with less sweating, hiccuping, and tears? I think it’s obvious, but like I said, YOU GET TO DECIDE.  

To vote, leave me a comment – tell me who you think should win and WHY. (I’m sure Peppermeister will be over here shortly to defend his hiccuping.)


  1. I think my nose is running after watching that! You both get points for not hurling. I can’t say who I think won that, but I know I wouldn’t try it. Why do people grow ghost peppers anyway? I’ve never heard of anyone cooking with them, only bragging about growing them. I once asked a plumber who was here installing a dishwasher for what did he use the ghost peppers he was bragging about growing. He was flummoxed. If either of you can answer that, I think you win.

    • Hey Jean, I grow a lot of peppers with all different heat levels. The superhots are no fun to eat on their own. Just way too hot. I will typically dry them and mix them with other peppers for chile powders. Another great use for superhot peppers is hot sauce making. I will mix these peppers with fruits like mango, peach, or papaya which makes for great sauce and tames the flames a bit.

      • Well OKAY! Finally a tasty answer. It’s not like my plumber was the brightest bulb in the pack. He installed the dishwasher but forgot to plug it in first.

        Oh yeah . . . and the hot peppers are always good for roulette, right?

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  3. Ooh…well, I do believe RP has won this round. Sorry, Peppermeister! Is hiccupping something that commonly happens? Also, although I was a little disappointed the ghost pepper didn’t make anyone’s head implode, you guys both deserve props for being so brave. I can’t even eat a green pepper.

  4. Clearly, the winner is magical neighbor, Jeff. He brought not only moral support, but more importantly, that Southern Comfort!!

    P.S. – Rache, you are the perfect stalker ‘stache to my Members Only jacket.

  5. There are points to be made on both sides. Peppermeister has more bulk to absorb the impact, but I’m pretty sure he took bigger bites. Rachel gets high marks for her game face and game attitude, but she executed a full-blown nose-blow… Rachel came from afar to compete, but Peppermeister supplied all the equipment, down to the cameraman… er person. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’m giving Rachel a 9.37 and Peppermeister a 9.42.

  6. It’s hard to decide. There was the hiccuping vs. the “heartbeat in my mouth.” It appeared Peppermeister sweated quite a bit, but he has also has facial hair, and I know I sweat way more when I don’t trim my mustache. I think the fact no one vomited or went into cardiac arrest is a feat in itself. Okay…decision time….I’m giving the win to Rachel.

  7. Adventures in Kevin's World

    This was an fun post to read/watch over breakfast – gave an extra dimension to my yogurt and berries. Who won? I’m not sure if you both won or lost for being equally crazy! I bow down to you both (and back away slowly while averting my eyes and watching for alternate exits).

      • They’re a little more seasoned down here in the Southwest. 😉 I can almost see Mexico from my house!!! You guys were cute, though, nibbling off the tips of the peppers.

      • Oh you’d be cuter, I promise. 😉 But we can give it a shot when you finally make it out here one day… Hey, I’m just practicing up for my food snob guest post!

      • YES! I have to email you about that.

        And wait – you didn’t vote. So who won this pepper battle??? (Based only on pepper prowess and not on cuteness. Although I’ll take points for that too.)

      • Pretty much a draw, I’d say. People kept pointing to Peppermeister’s sweat… but I’m guessing he was probably already sweating before the contest even began. Bonus cuteness points for Rachel.

  8. I think based on things such as the reluctance with which the next pepper was picked up, sweat factor, hiccups,speed with which beverage went down & sheer ability to lie while mouth is clearly on fire would indicate Rachael as the winner. Kudos to Peppermeister for participation, it’s more than I would do.

  9. This is madness. Someone should have called the police. I’m glad there were no children in the room. I like when you took time to blow your nose. So dainty. It was like watching a little bunny rabbit blow her nose. I’m going to cast my vote for Peppermeister. The brotherhood is strong.

    A two-camera shoot? Nice.

    Next time you guys should do roulette bong hits with different grades of weed. If you do, can I play?

    • I’ve never been called dainty so much in my life – I’m trying to kick the daintiness in favor of bad-ass pepper eating skills. Oh well.

      You can thank Jules for those two-camera shots. She’s a pro.

      It sounds to me like you may have played this version of roulette before…

  10. Rachel won. Hands down. She is the most dainty and precious person whose insides are suffering from a burning inferno that I’ve ever seen. Sorry, Pep. That sweat cost you this round. Bravo to both of you for causing your insides pain and suffering just for our entertainment, though!!

  11. OK, first we should be sure to thank Jules one more time for creating that incredible pepper wheel and for clearly editing out the parts where Rachel was really suffering.
    The hiccups happen to me pretty regularly when I bite into something too hot. I think its my body trying to convince me not stop but as you can see, I persevere (or at least perspire).
    Although Rachel’s game-face is pretty fierce, I won this competition. You can hear Rachel try to give up right before she found out the game had ended. Also, when the cameras were off, Rachel headed straight to the yogurt where as I was carving up more peppers to throw into our super local tasty dinner. Did somebody say rematch?

  12. Usually a sequel lacks the fire, the clear purpose of the original, but that cannot be said for Peppermeister Roulette 3. I laughed, I cried…mostly I cried as I contemplated even putting that stuff anywhere near my mouth.

    My parents got some pepper seeds from who-knows-where once and planted them in the garden. Green things grew off a vine which I thought were green beans. I cut into one and touched it to my lips – just touched it, mind you. It was like I kissed a poker fresh from the fireplace. It took hours for the pain to abate. So I’m a total pepper-weenie and hats off to both. (But Rache gets the nod for being a better actress at playing it cool. Or Jules gets the Oscar for best editing for taking out all the places where Rache is blubbering like a little baby.)

    • That is TRAUMATIC, Peg! I don’t blame your pepper aversion.

      We can let Jules clear this up, but at no point did she edit out any blubbering. Like I said in the video, I’m cool as a cucumber – no acting necessary. 😉

  13. Hmmm, while Rachel is much prettier, Peppermeister looks like somebody I’d enjoy drinking a beer and eating hot wings with. Also, Rachel looks to have been taking little Nancy Boy or chipmunk bites whereas my main man PM took some big boy bites. I declare that I vote for Peppermeister since Rachel lives on the other side of the country and will never have the chance to kick me in my privates and us mens have to stick together! Great show you guys! It really was entertaining!

  14. If we are voting on hotness then Rachel is a clear winner, although I do fancy a beard every now and then. I shall wait to cast my vote once I have had the pleasure of watching the video in full. If Renee’s comment is anything to go by, I would prefer to do so in the privacy of my own home.

  15. You know what’s REALLY hot? That taco bell salsa. Hoo-ee!

    Kudos to both of you. I honestly can’t vote, but the idea of a “Sudden death who-can’t-take-it-anymore” run-off seems too painful to watch, or even know is taking place. You both handled the heat with dignity, though… for the most part…

  16. Whoo hoo!! That was fantastic! I’m watching again. The “heartbeat” comment made me roar with laughter. I hope I didn’t wake anyone up…

    Rachel, you are the winner. Sweaty and hiccups doesn’t beat out that sexy nose honk mid-way. Serious girlie style, I tell ya.

    PS — Peppermeister, I think I’m going to plant the Ho Chi Min only to prank the unsuspecting. Perhaps I’ll put one in a plate of serranos at the next PTA BUNCO gathering. Should wow the ladies. Tee hee.

  17. barnaclet

    I’d have to agree with earlier posters and say Rachel is definitely cuter than Peppermeister. Peppermeister though has a cooler nickname. And, he’s sent me pepper seeds (and Rachel has not.) Rachel gets bonus points for making me and some of my coworkers laugh insanely at the previous 2 editions. So the winner is without a doubt Peppermeister! Can I vote for you on all 3 blogs?

  18. Douglas Barnhart

    Wow, I must commend you both! Being a Chile-Head for better then 40 yrs I Know a few things about peppers. That Video was Great! Here in the North East we Enjoy eating Chiles to keep our sense of Humor ” Ive never met a grouchy Chile-Head yet”. Ive been called a Knuckle-Dragging Chile-Head by many of my peers, a term that a few of us have come to consider a Badge of Honor. I feel you two could count yourselves among us if you would like. As for who won….I would say it is the one who would have taken another Bite! I have eaten a whole Ghost Pepper and a Scorpion and a Dugala on Separate occasions. They where given to me by Jim Weaver at a Bowers Chile Festival here in PA, Those Peppers Darn Neared Killed Me! I would not do that again by choice but I Do smoke,dry and grind them foe Pepper Powders. And I use this on most of the foods I Eat. Thank you for Posting this Video, Its Great to see Folks having so much Fun!

    • It WAS a lot of fun. We had a blast – I especially enjoyed seeing Peppermeister’s pepper garden and choosing my own fire-y ammunition for the duel. Thanks for stopping by here, Chile Head! Glad we could entertain.

  19. That. Was. Awesome. You two are my heroes! I was safely just watching the video and even felt my throat closing in. Sorry, Peppermeister, but my vote for winner goes to Rache. Hiccups are a form of surrender.

  20. scorpion_john

    Peppermiester, I don’t know dude, I think she has you beat. You should get her involved on the forum. she handled that ghost pretty well, but I think you should do it again and let the forum members vote on which peppers to use and donate them. I would be curious to see how she handles the Douglahs, Reapers, and Brain Strains lol

  21. scorpion_john

    To Jean, There are much hotter than Ghosts. for the most part I dry then use like most would black pepper, or use in hot sauces or add small amounts to anything you want to spice up. Fresh, they are great on subs and sandwiches, I eat them every day in my lunch. As for eating raw, its hard to explain, I don’t know if we’re warped or what, but some of us get addicted to the pain. John

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