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Is It Fall Yet?

A strange thing happened this morning: I woke up and my nose was cold. Rather than casting off too-warm blankets in the night, I felt cozy in my nest of covers.  This is a welcome change, because with still about a month left until the official end of summer, I’m longing for fall.

I’m longing for fall so much that I spent the day pretending it’s already here. I stayed inside wearing flannel pajama pants and making a huge pot of chili. As the chili simmered on the stove, I pondered all the reasons I love fall. While they are many, I finally narrowed it down to five.

1. Shorter Days.

That’s misleading. It’s not so much about the shorter days, but the longer nights. I’m looking forward to cool evenings on the deck with a glass of red wine, and cozy, productive nights spent inside cooking and blogging. After a busy summer, the fall season will induce a sense of routine and calm (I hope).

2.  My Favorite Hat.

I’m obviously delighted to be wearing this hat

I know it’s officially fall when my tweed hat comes out of its drawer. I spent what I consider a lot of money on this hat, and it’s been worth every penny (mostly because I can wear it instead of washing my hair, while still looking put together). My favorite hat’s not the only good thing about fall fashion. Sweaters, boots, and jackets combine to create perfect layers. I love to layer. So do my friends. Here’s a fall photo of us exemplifying the layered look.

Is this an L.L. Bean ad?

3. Football.

It sounds so cliche, but I love to watch football on a Sunday afternoon.  There is nothing better than watching my team, The Patriots (don’t hate), do their thing. Nothing wrong with watching Tom Brady do his thing, either. I also love to make food for football watching.  After eating salsa, guacamole, and pulled pork tacos, the roar of the crowd lulls me into a contented, sleepy state where I half-dream that Tom Brady is caressing my cheek while complimenting my guacamole recipe.

Tom. Sigh. Photo credit: vman.com

I couldn’t choose between the two photos. Double sigh. Photo credit: vman.com

4. The Crisp Air.

The landscape changes in the fall. Not only do the leaves turn to vivid color in my part of the world, but something in the air shifts (hence my cold nose this morning). The summer humidity giving a dull edge to the sky and trees lifts, leaving in its place the fresh, clean lines of fall. Crispness is everywhere.

Fall in Burlington, VT

5. Fall Food.

Since this is a food blog, I have to say food, right? Well, maybe. But I mean it. Apples, pumpkins, root vegetables, greens, stews, soups, chilis, pies and cobblers–the food of fall is spectacular.

Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream, a fall favorite

I made this Butternut Squash Soup with Herb Croutons for friends last year. We were wearing layers while we ate it.

Fall food also means fun day trips. I can’t wait to bite into the first Honeycrisp apple of the season, so I’ll be heading to Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA to pick my own. I get lost in the maze of apple trees, trying to find the perfect apples for pie making and the juiciest apples for eating on the spot.

My list could really go on an on. I didn’t even mention tiny pumpkins, Halloween, apple cider, fuzzy socks or this apple sling shot.

Fall Fun

What fall favorites would you add to my list? Tell me!


  1. Nicole

    That L.L. Bean ad is SO perfect, I can’t get over it. And I’m not a Patriots fan but I’ll be over in my Tom Brady jersey for some of those pulled pork tacos. I love fall 🙂

  2. Behind in my blog-reads (obviously). That is one seriously cute hat. Must go get my own version of cute-hat-ness for our recent temp change (it’s in the 60’s…finally).

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