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Long Time No Blog

Dear Readers,

Please excuse my absence as of late. I have been stricken with some sort of plague. In reality, I came down with bronchitis, a sinus infection and an ear infection, all in one fell swoop. I believe the extra congestion in my head has inhibited my ability to think coherently. Hence, no blogs.

I am pleased to say that I guest posted over at Rantings of an Amateur Chef. So head over there to see my recipe for Welcome Back Roast Chicken. After you’ve made this delicious roast chicken, please make me some soup with the leftovers.

I really would love some soup right now

The good news is I’m on the mend! I’m hoping to bombard you with fantastic posts highlighting the joys of local fall produce very soon. Until then I will continue to watch Season 9 of Project Runway and Season 10 of Top Chef (maybe THAT’S why I can’t think. TV is rotting my brain).

Ever thankful for antibiotics and tissues with aloe,


PS – You may fill my comments section with get-well wishes. You can also tell me how much you missed me. If you must.


  1. Heyyy Rachel– a couple of things… 1) I really hope you feel better. Being sick is THE WORST. I don’t fall ill very often, like only every few years, which is probably a really good thing because I am seriously the biggest baby. Sending you funny get well thoughts and soupy wishes. 2) I did miss your posts! 3) I moved the hosting for Sugar Dish Me so it won’t appear in your wp.com reader anymore. But! If you’d like to re-subscribe via email or rss feed? That would be awesome. The address is still the same http://www.sugardishme.com/ . Thanks!!
    Feel better soon!!

    • rachelocal

      HI Heather! Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂 I’m glad SOMEONE missed my posts. 😉 I will make sure to subscribe to your new site! I wouldn’t want to miss anything from you!

  2. Missed your posts! Sorry you’re under the weather, but that’s a terribly good excuse for not blogging. We’ll just be up here, circling, whenever you decide to fly the coop again. Looking forward to haveing you back in the flock. Get well!

    PS – Homemade chicken soup is the awesomest get well food. For me, though, I’ve moved down to my second yummy-for-the-tummy healing food on the list: split pea soup.

    • rachelocal

      Thanks, Shannon! I miss my flock!

      I want to make kale soup. I feel like I NEED kale in my life right now. Do you have an excellent recipe for split pea soup? All of my soup recipes, lentil and split pea, include ham…

  3. Yes, I have my own very good recipe for split pea soup and it’s very easy to do. Rinse and boil the green split peas (as per instructions) in water and a bit of sea salt. You can use chicken broth if you like, for added flavor. After an hour or so, I mush them up a bit with a potato masher (I like some pea chunks in my soup), and add seasoning (paprika, cayenne, dill weed) to taste, add carrots, celery (with leaves!) and onion. Simmer until the veggies are just done. I make this soup regularly as a quick heat-and-eat for the fridge. My kids love it.

    PS – My vegan blogging buddy, Somer, uses liquid smoke to get that “ham” taste. I got used to not having it when we quit eating pork and beef a couple of years ago. I’ve not tried it yet, but I will with my next batch! Here’s her receipe. http://wp.me/p2rrEn-9N. The previous post is where she was featured on Forks Over Knives. You might like that one too!

    • rachelocal

      I’ve interacted with Somer on the blogs before. And I saw the Forks over Knives post. I’m checking out this recipe. Thanks, Shannon!

  4. Rachel, I’ve got some chicken soup for you, complete with a touch of spicy red pepper (for good drainage) and garden grown okra. I’m not very good with writing recipes sometimes because soups are so easy to just throw things in a pot and cook until you get that- ahhhhh. I hope you feel better and get back to posting soon.

    • rachelocal

      Thank you!! I still could use the spicy red pepper (for drainage). My sinuses are refusing to get better. I’ve made some interesting soups lately. Including a veggie one with anything that was in the fridge!

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