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Aviators, Granny Glasses, and 30 Years

I hesitate to use my blog as a vehicle for personal stuff…

Who am I kidding? I LOVE to use it as a vehicle for personal stuff, especially when that personal stuff relates to my darling husband. Today he turns 30! Tonight we celebrate his 30 years on this earth at a local spot with local food (see, I’m relating it to the blog!). I’m celebrating in earnest for two reasons.

The first reason is a bit selfish. Thanks to his 30th birthday, we are now BOTH in our thirties. I’m not THAT old anymore!

The second reason for celebration can be easily seen in the following photographs:

When the husband and I met, he looked like this:

Rockin’ the aviators at kindergarten graduation

And I looked like this (a photo you already know and love):

This never gets old

But now we look like this:

Thank you, Face Juggler

Oh wait, that’s not right.

We actually look like THIS:

Welcome to the Jungle

Hmmmm…how did Axle and Slash get on my blog?

Let’s try this:

Photo cred: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We’re getting closer!

How about this one?

In our natural state: relaxation

Yes, that’s more like it.

See? Two big reasons to celebrate! The husband’s 30, which means I’m not the old one anymore AND we moved past our childish good looks.

Tonight I’ll also be raising a glass to the birth of an amazingly intelligent, incredibly funny, and wonderfully charming man.

Happy birthday, Husband! I’ll put on my granny glasses; you grab your aviators. Let’s celebrate!


      • Hey, I forgot to ask – did your hubs get a gold bikini and Princess Leia buns?! LOL

        I still love “The Office,” but I know a lot of people gave up once Michael Scott left!

      • He got Princess Leia buns, but I wore a dress and lots of gold jewelry instead of a bikini. I felt the gold bikini would make his birthday party guests feel uncomfortable (or maybe I would have felt uncomfortable). There were all kinds of awesome and NOT nerdy Star Wars masks, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I really tried to like The Office even without Michael Scott, because all the other characters are SO great, but alas, something was lost for me. Is this our first fight?

      • LOL Something tells me you would have had a lot of people asking when the next party was if you’d worn that bikini!

        Never. Just the fact that you tried is enough for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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