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Local on a Budget

Spring is in the air. The weather is warmer. The sun is shining. I’m anticipating going to produce stands and seeing more and more local offerings at the farmer’s market. This recent post by Year of Healthier Living inspired me to think about eating local on a budget. As you can see, it can be done! This family’s weekly budget is under $100 a week. Impressive when you look at what’s on the menu. Thanks for the inspiration!


I can’t believe we are beginning the third month of our family locavore challenge! This year seems to be speeding by–this is probably helped by our exceptionally warm weather. We were fortunate to start our journey during what we we call “The Year Without a Winter.” Our farmers have had an extended growing season, and I haven’t had a week yet, when I left the market empty-handed or disappointed (well, except for the “Broccoli Incident”).

So, what have we learned in 3 months? Here is a sample:

  1. Eating locally in NC is not difficult, but it does require an adjustment of behaviors.
  2. I like having a social friendship with our farmers and meat producers.
  3. Local, organic produce tastes so much better, we feel like we are being spoiled.
  4. We have been on budget–or close–for most weeks in our challenge so far.
  5. We will never go back to buying store eggs.

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog! I had no idea we would be able to eat well for $100 per week. We were certainly spending much more than that before, and not getting nearly the nutrient density in our food that we have now! Good luck at the market this week!

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