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Support a Farmer and Listen to a Band

Greg and I were talking the other day. I would say that Greg is an acquaintance turned friend. Can you guess what we bonded about? Yup, local food. The night before, I was researching local farms and how I could score some produce. I knew that there was “this farm-share thing,” which is what I called it in my head. You know, where upfront you buy a share or a membership to a farm and in turn reap the benefits of tasty, farm-fresh vegetables all through the growing season, delivered to a central location by a handsome farmer each week. After my studious research, I discovered that “this farm-share thing” has a neat and tidy name–a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

So back to Greg and I talking. We were talking about food in general and where we like to eat. Greg abhors chain restaurants (this made me like him about 68% more), loves to cook, and makes an excellent gumbo…with okra from Bayberry Farm, the very farm that I had been researching the night before! I told him that they have this thing called a CSA. He said that he participates in the CSA (liked him 95% more) and that’s where he got the okra, lots and lots of okra.

Greg praised the CSA, talked about the farmer by name, and recounted the glories of the pepper varieties.  The only downside is that he received too much produce! Then and there, Greg and I agreed to split the CSA fee, which will help him out because he and his wife can’t always get to the pick up locations due to his work schedule. So what does an abundance of in-season veggies cost me? The grand total is $15 a week. Win, win!

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed about participating, even in a small way, in the support of a local farmer only a few miles from my house. I can’t wait to find out what produce is available each week and whip up some awesome recipes, Chopped-style.

If you don’t live in Delaware but want to find out more about a CSA in your area, visit localharvest.org, a great resource for all things local.

On another local food related note, farmers need our support. If you would like to support a bill that will…

  • Provide more money for local farmers’ markets and to help farmers adopt organic methods.
  • Allow schools to use more of their federal funding to buy fresh, local foods.
  • Make it easier for low-income families to use food stamps at farmers’ markets.
  • Increase support for local processing and distribution networks so schools, hospitals, stores and restaurants can more easily purchase healthy food directly from local farmers.
  • Improve credit and crop insurance for diversified and organic farmers producing for local markets.

…then click here. Let our government know that you are in support of local foods and farmers, and in turn want to support your community.

Oh, and if you don’t care about local food at all, but like to listen to music, check out the band Stage Seven. I can attest to their awesomeness. Greg is a local guy, my new friend, and the lead singer.


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