Rachel's Table

Trick or Treat!

I think I’ve been tricked…into eating Doritos.

Dorito 2

Want to know why I’m looking at this particular Dorito with confusion and dread? And what is resting precariously on that fake-cheese dusted chip? You’ll have to visit my clever friend’s blog, Go Jules Go, to watch the spectacularly spooky and ghoulishly hilarious video.


DoritoI understand that Doritos may not be on my locavore diet, but since it’s Halloween, I get a free pass into the world of processed junk food and candy. In fact, tonight I’ll be rifling through my nieces’ and nephew’s candy bags looking for 3 Musketeers and Kits Kats.

What Halloween treat will YOU be stealing out of your kid’s stash tonight?


  1. Your reaction makes me laugh every time.

    I’ve already stolen candy from my kids. We had this big bag of Kit Kats in the fridge and every day I’d have one. But I made sure not to combine it with Doritos because that’s just wrong.

    • Mr. Rache has gone through an entire bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups in one week. Looks like we’ll be shutting the lights off and not taking trick or treaters tonigh due to a candy shortage.

      Be glad you didn’t try the Raisinito, D. NOT GOOD. And didn’t your family try them with Cool Ranch??? UGH.

  2. Adventures in Kevin's World

    I absolutely loved doritos when i was a kid? Then i hit my 20’s and… Yuck. Wasn’t even a health thing – they just seemed gross to me.
    Since i am currently in Ecuador, no candy bars for me. They don’t do Halloween here.

  3. R-r-r-aaaachey Poo! I bet you were wishing that sinus infection took your sense of smell/taste, huh?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You’re a good woman. And your reaction never gets old!!

    • I loved the Cool Ranch ones! And Funyuns! All washed down with Mountain Dew. The thought of it immediately makes my eyes puffy, my rings too tight and my stomach more than churn.

    • I learned after this post that I attempted the combination incorrectly – it should be a raisinet sandwiched between two Doritos. Maybe I would have liked it better in that caste – I prefer salty to sweet.

  4. I’m judging from the after-face that it…tasted BAD? At first, I thought it was another pepper thing. LOL Not a fan of doritos. Raisinettes either, so I vote for BAD together. Sorry I missed the fun. I kinda missed Halloween too!

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