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Happy (Avocado) Birthday (Frosting)

When I walked into the kitchen the morning of September 18, four surprises awaited me:

1.  Recipes and cookbooks strewn about the kitchen floor, thanks to two ridiculous cats who like to hunt each other.

birthday willow

One of the cats in question – the most ridiculous one

2. A heart-warming, thoughtful, funny Happy Birthday post from real-life friend and fellow blogger, Jules. (As a belated gift to me, please check it out: Do You Know What Today Is?)

3. This birthday card from Mr. Rache, because we are romantic.

Whenever I imagine MY cats doing human things like washing dishes (which is often) they are always smoking a cigarette and looking surly. So this card is perfection.

Whenever I imagine MY cats doing human things like washing dishes (which is often) they are always smoking a cigarette and looking surly. So this card is perfection.

4.  And a yellow boxed cake, made the night before by Mr. Rache, because he IS romantic (and doesn’t always adhere to my local, whole-food approach to eating).

Because I try not to eat processed, sugary foods, I never eat yellow boxed cake, which is the one prepackaged food I crave at least once a week. However, I do NOT crave the can of store-bought, corn-syrup frosting that was sitting on the counter alongside the cake.  Lucky for me, in true dude form, Mr. Rache did not get around to actually frosting the cake with the aforementioned corn syrup.

Enter my perfect birthday afternoon: making frosting. And since it was my birthday and I was already eating yellow boxed cake, I threw all (local) caution to the far-reaching wind and bought some avocados.


But avocados are NOT LOCAL to the Mid-Atlantic states, you say? Right you are, but it’s MY birthday, so I can change the rules. And come ON, nothing says “party” like getting out the food processor and mashing avocado and chocolate together.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Avocado Frosting

2 avocados, diced large

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup (local) honey

1 cup plain greek yogurt

1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted (choose your chips carefully–the frosting will taste JUST like the chips you choose)

Add the avocado chunks to a food processor and blend until smooth with absolutely no clumps.

birthday avocado

Looks like the beginnings of a delicious frosting, amirite?

Add all other ingredients and blend until smooth. The frosting will be so thick you can hold a spoonful upside down and it won’t fall off the spoon. Oh, and it will be the silkiest smooth frosting you’ve ever had.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yellow boxed cake worthy


  1. I love avocados. And I love chocolate. But putting the two together? Madness! Then again, I’m sure when the first person suggested covering bacon with chocolate, people thought they were crazy as well. So, since it’s your birthday week and all, I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. But still . . . seems very odd.

  2. The idea of putting avocados in chocolate frosting kind of makes me panicky. Seriously. I get it, but it’s my one food allergy and just the idea is like a culinary trojan horse. “Hey! Frosting! Yum!… Oog…”

  3. Wow – my two favorite foods in one? Chocolate and avocados!!! Fire up the food processor, I say. I would have never thought of combining them. You, Rachel, are brilliant.

    I live in the Mid-Atlantic also and occasionally I cave to my avocado cravings. (And coffee!)

  4. Yay – I’m glad you posted this recipe! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. I like to picture your cats making it, but I’m worried about the combination of avocados, chocolate AND cigarette butts…

    P.S. – Thank for for the thank you. Now. This stops here.

  5. Isn’t yellow box cake with chocolate frosting the best? I have spent hours pondering what on earth is in that stuff that makes it so deliciously addicting — I usually HATE anything out of a mix — and I have no explanation. The closest that I’ve been able to come is that it reminds me of my childhood, since my mom was not exactly baking-inclined so we only had cake on our birthdays and it was always yellow box mix, but your post is making me reconsider my position.

    Perhaps it is just magically delicious. Plain and simple.

    Happy birthday!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! Since this post, I’ve eaten my weight in yellow boxed cake, so it’s been the best birthday ever.

      My mom used to make a yellow boxed cake in a bundt pan. Then she would mix cool whip and chocolate pudding for the frosting. Oh. My. THE BEST. Dammit. Now I’m going to have to make that when I get home.

  6. Hi, Where is the birthday card from? I found your blog because my dad used to buy that card for my sister and I when we were little, and I have been looking for it to give to him for his birthday. It has kind of turned in to a huge joke in our family.

    • Hi Kaitlin, I will be sure to check with my husband tonight. I saved the card because it’s just so funny and cute, so I’ll take a look at the company that produces it and get back to you on here. If all else fails, I can scan the front and email it to you!

    • PS — We are so close to Mexico, that, even though they’re imported, I would rather buy Mexican avocados than California ones (3 times the distance). I have started 5 avocado trees to 12″ tall saplings. I have killed exactly 5 of them (didn’t get them inside before the freeze…RIP little buddies).

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