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Summer Farewells

Although we had an almost unbearable three day heat-and-humidity wave just last week, this morning the air is crisp and the breeze is cool. Fall is my favorite season, but this year I’m hard-pressed to say goodbye to summer. It could be because this summer was full of travels, good food, and more importantly, people I love.

So take a moment with me to say a final farewell to summer, as I subject you to a photo journal of my summer travels.

Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, PA:






I was obsessed with these bronze sculptures placed throughout the property. Especially this pig:


New Jersey Adventures with Jules:

Summer Jules


summer pork chops

Locally-raised pork chops, locally-grown potatoes with Peppermeister’s own hot peppers.

(These were the best pork chops I’ve ever had.)

Counting Crows in Atlantic City:

summer counting crows


summer breakfast

summer philly

A completely natural pose on the museum steps

summer van gogh

My favorite Van Gogh. Doesn’t it make you want to take a long, cozy nap or just cry?

In the Delawhizzle (translation: In Delaware):

summer bday

Domaine Hudson in Wilmington for a birthday dinner

summer duck

This couscous tasted JUST like Stove Top stuffing, in the best way possible.

summer salmon

summer c3po

What? You think my costume requires an explanation?

Chicago (my kind of town):



summer spare ribs

Spare ribs at Sunda. Thank you, Food and Wine Hedonist, for the recommendation.

summer fried rice

summer museum

summer dim sum

summer lake mich

Summer chicago

U.S. Open, Queens, NY:

summer local us open

Of course the U.S. Open offers local, grass-fed, GMO-free concession products. It’s classy like that. (I spent about $365 on water alone that day – Evian, naturally.)

summer us open court

summer us open

I still own a 1994 Andre Agassi calendar. I prefer the long-haired (and high) Andre.

summer williams sisters

The Williams sisters, killing it (loudly) in women’s doubles.

summer family

Newport, RI:

Summer breakers yard

summer breakers

Summer newport

summer willow tree

All across New England:

summer strawberry

summer fish

summer halibut


summer hashNew England Corned Beef Hash. The. Best. Breakfast. You. Will. Ever. Eat.

summer lobstah


Farewell, Summer. Thank you for being so full of beauty, warm sun, cocktails, and inspiring food. Until we meet again. . .

So tell me, have you said your summer farewells yet? Which favorite summer memories will keep you warm once the weather cools?


  1. Gorgeous pictures, especially of Newport (you’re making me all misty for home with those). And also, praise everything that is the corned beef hash breakfast! I had totally forgotten about that gem I’ve been away for so long, and you have brought me back to the light. Guess who is going to trash her kitchen this weekend trying to recreate that dish?

    • Newport is so, so beautiful. I can’t get over the water and the grass and the mansion gardens.

      I’ve never made corned beef hash before, but the photo is from a place that makes it in house. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Let me know how it goes! You are ambitious!! It can’t be too hard, right??

  2. Summer’s here are always deceptive, because it gets cool, then heats up again until mid-October; teaching, of course, summer kinds of slams to a halt regardless of weather, though. This was the first summer with the baby, so there’s plenty of memories – best one might be her splashing in the edge of a lake up in the mountains.

    • I taught first grade for a few years and I always loved the fall field trips, because I could actually enjoy the cooler, yet sunny weather. And who doesn’t want to go on a hay ride with 24 six-year-old, am I right?

    • New England is beautiful beyond belief in the summer. I ate at a few other places in Chicago, but only had room for so many pictures. I thought Sunda and those pork belly bao buns deserved to be in the spotlight.

  3. It really is a shame you didn’t get to do much this summer. My goodness, woman! These are all amazing photos – it was such a treat looking at them! I LOVE the picture of you in the window, and you and Joe kissing. And the ‘natural’ pose is GREAT.

    “Doesn’t it make you want to take a long, cozy nap or just cry?” HA!

    P.S. – We look so nautical. I’m framing that and putting it next to my bed right now.

    • P.P.S. – I keep ‘liking’ this post, and then WordPress ‘undoes’ the like. The same thing is happening every time I check the box in my Settings to keep receiving email notifications. Does WordPress start messing with you if you fail to post for over a week?

      • Who knows what WordPress thinks. Maybe they are trying to separate us because we are so clever and amazing – they don’t want us taking over. Yeah, that MUST be it.

    • My summer was awesome – or so these pictures tell me. And this doesn’t even showcase some of the other awesome things I did (clears throat)!!!

      I’ve already exchanged every photo in my house for that very photo, Jules. It’s like a nautical, bloggy friend love fest around here. As it should be.

      Van Gogh gets me. I spend at least 20 minutes looking at that painting when I go to the museum. They had a Van Gogh exhibit last year–first time his European paintings were shown in the U.S. Truly amazing. I may have cried.

  4. Love this photo journal. You are completely adorkable in the Star Wars get up.

    You and Jules are absolute cuties and Mr Rache is not too bad either.

    The food porn is truly rocking my world and making me super jealous (and hungry)

    Looks like you had an amazing time πŸ™‚

  5. Whoa, SO much to comment on here! The photos of you in the window, you two kissing…the giant pig…the C3PO costume….all very entertaining. Looks like you had a busy summer, Miss RP.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    • It WAS busy and full of beautiful food, but more importantly, new and amazing friends!

      I’m exhausted from the summer. Can I just watch New Girl reruns and drink coffee until Spring arrives?

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! Virgos unite!

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  7. You look extremely happy – and impressed with that pepper.
    Yes, I gazed upon dozens of awesome pics and yet, that one grabbed my attention. What can i say? I’m a guy through and through….
    By the way, C-3PO has never looked better!

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