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Open for Business!

All my local Delawarean friends will be happy to know that Filasky’s is open for business!

Welcome to Filasky's

Welcome to Filasky’s

They’ve been open for a few weeks now but today marks the official opening for pick-your-own-strawberries.  Last year I had a blast taking two little friends to Filasky’s, watching them fill up their buckets with juicy berries.

Sophie and I filling up our bucket

Sophie and I filling up our bucket

Sweet Sophie

Sweet Sophie

Filasky’s isn’t JUST about strawberries. They sell local veggies, flowers, fruits, ice cream, jams, baked goods, and a brand new item – grass-feed beef hamburgers and hotdogs from Heritage Oak Farm. I’ve tried the burgers; they are delicious!

Filasky's Asparagus

Local Asparagus from Filasky’s

Last week I bought four locally grown tomatoes. Yes! Tomatoes. Grown hydroponically in Dover, they tasted of summer.

Tomatoes and farm fresh eggs - breakfast is served

Dover-grown tomatoes and farm fresh eggs – breakfast is served

Gerbera Daisies

These Gerbera Daisies now sit on my front stoop

Cindi Filasky is a wealth of knowledge - she knows A LOT about everything she sells and she's always available for a chat (and a smile!)

Cindi Filasky is a wealth of knowledge – she knows A LOT about everything she sells and she’s always available for a chat (and a smile!)

Gorgeous entrance to the produce stand

Spring flowers adorn the entrance to the produce stand

Picking strawberries at Filasky’s means summer is on the way, along with a bounty of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

So tell me – what marks the official beginning of summer for you?

Head over to Filasky's - maybe I'll see you there!

Head over to Filasky’s – maybe I’ll see you there!

Filasky’s Produce

1343 Bunker Hill Road

Middletown, DE 19709


  1. Oh man, now I want some fresh picked strawberries!! And some champagne to put them in, of course.

    Summer probably starts the first time we all go to get snowballs at the local stand. We don’t have many local produce spots around us (even though I live out in farmville, go figure!), but there are many snowball stands, and you know it’s summer when the lines start at those stands.

  2. I’m going strawberry picking tomorrow! I didn’t know you were a Delawarean – that’s where all my family is now, though we’re Sussex County hicks. 😉 This post makes me unnaturally hungry. Lol.

    For me, summer begins when I can start wearing shorts again and get my first sunburn, which I did last Wednesday so we’re in summer now.

    • I got a small sunburn while sitting on the back deck Monday. The sun feels so good!

      Ha! I don’t know why you would refer to your Sussex county relatives as hicks. 😉

      I love Sussex county – beaches and farms.

      • Well, I’m from there myself so I can probably get away with calling them hicks. 😉 Seems like you are familiar with Sussex Countians, I assume. Lol.

        I love the beach, and I still only live about 20 minutes from a decent beach – which I got a little bit of today on the hubby’s day off. I could do without the chicken farms though. Gross.

  3. Love love love your pictures. Those tomatoes… those tomatoes! Start of summer for me is when I start to avoid a certain street on my walks with the dog because there is NO SHADE.

    • Thanks, Jules! I’m sure Peppermeister will appreciate the tomato photo too. 😉

      I did that very thing on a walk yesterday – crossed over to avoid an unshaded spot.

  4. Nice. I visited the Santa Monica farmer’s market this morning for the first time in a month or so, and spring was in full force. I got morels, fava beans, green garlic, frill mustard, ripe tomatoes and beautiful Oxnard strawberries (watch for my post on Harry’s Berries coming soon!).

  5. Sweet pics! For me it’s also fresh strawberries, but I really wait for the delicious corn on the cob. Right down the road from where I live is a great little farmer’s market and when they start selling corn, that says ‘summer’ to me. Also, hearing the crickets at night. Ahhhhh

    • Ah corn is another big summer food item that I CRAVE in the winter. I try to freeze it off the cob but it’s just not the same.

      I love New England because of the long, warm summer days and cool nights (complete with cricket serenades).

  6. Nicole

    Hi Rae! I feel like I haven’t commented in forever! Not cool of me. I’ve never been to Filasky’s… Take me there please! For me, a delish vodka mojito with some fresh mint marks the beginning of Summer. Although I’m pretty sure that marked the beginning of Winter too. And Spring. Damn. Afternoon date at Filaskys?? 🙂

  7. Ah, Strawberries. When I lived in Ovid, New York (near Ithaca), we had an annual Strawberry Festival that marked the beginning of summer.

    I’ll have to look for a new tradition here in Indiana.

  8. Why on Earth did I think you lived in California? That farm looks fantastic! We have been hitting up the NC state farmers market several times a month since it got warm enough to go. That pace is my zen. Fresh, local asparagus makes me sublimely happy.

    • California? If only! I’m east coastin’ it over here in Delawhizzle.

      Farmers markets, for me, are like a carnival. I have to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING.

  9. Yum! I love fresh and juicy strawberries – and tomatoes as well. I went strawberry picking for the first time ever for our Summer in Australia. Sadly we are heading in to Winter now but I am looking forward to eggplant, zucchini and pumpkin!

    • Strawberry picking is fun – especially with little ones. They are excited about each and every berry.

      Over here, we think of zucchini as an end of summer veg. And I STILL don’t know how to properly cook eggplant. It always turns out mushy and chewy for me.

  10. That’s a place I would love to road trip to! I haven’t sought out a similar place here in Jersey yet. Beginning of summer for me means the note I tape over the air conditioner control reminding the kids not to turn it on yet until we get it serviced because it’s ancient.

  11. HI Rachel! Wow, love your food philosophy and your blog in total! This is my first visit… loved reading about your local Delaware produce. Ah, wish I could visit that strawberry farm! We don’t have anything like that open for public access in my local town (Perth, Australia). The weather’s not great for strawberries here either. Grapes on the other hand… definitely! l Following you from now on, can’t wait to read more inspiring posts 🙂

  12. Filasky’s! My children went there on field trips before we began homeschooling. Lately, we’ve been getting our strawberries at Walnut Springs. But we love both!

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