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Foraging for Blackberries

Given my local sensibilities, foraging the wild for edibles is near and dear to my heart. But seeing as I live in the middle of suburbia, the opportunities for foraging are few and far between. That’s why when I spied blackberry bushes starting to flower along the walking path in my neighborhood, I vowed to keep a close eye on them.

In June, the blackberries were faring nicely. Red berries in need of some rain and sun in order to turn ripe and plump. Unfortunately, we had two heat waves and minimal rain, so when I put on my foraging hat and headed out to pick the blackberry bounty, I was disappointed.

This is my disappointed face

I searched far and wide, only to find about a half a pint of blackberries.  They were measly, not at all like the large, sweet berries I picked as a child. From the looks of things, neighbors and deer also liked the idea of foraging, leaving me to fight brambles for the hard to reach berries.

I didn’t let my disappointment get the better of me. Instead I scattered the dark berries on top of Pequea Valley Farm Yogurt and added local honey.

Meager but tasty

Mixed together, the yogurt, berries, and honey made a delightful breakfast.

Who needs fruit on the bottom?

What edibles are forage-able in your area? Tell me; I’ll try not to be too jealous.


  1. We love to forage! Wild berries are an annual favorite, though ours are already finished by now. We usually pick a couple of gallons worth each trip. They freeze great, but are seedier than the less-wild varities; we don’t mind, of course. We DO mind the chiggers… (http://wp.me/p28k6D-ia)

      • So glad to have found Rachel here — and you, dear, are a tremendous match-maker. You should start e-Blogfriender, or something like that. It could be your money-maker.

        Rachel, my dear, I was hoping to be in the 2nd place running, but it appears my friends did not line up behind me like I hoped. (Turns out they have Facebook “like” aversion and thought this was kinda the same thing). I will totally vote for you again in the face-off next week (you do know I voted for you and not myself, right?).

      • You voted for ME? I’m oddly flattered. We were so close for a while! I thought you were a shoo-in with your feathered hair and velour shirt. Maybe the fact that I didn’t have braces yet put me over the edge.

        Angie, you did introduce us in a way, because we found each other via your blog. I’ll give you the credit. 🙂

  2. I like to forage for bacon.


    Wow, that is the very picture of disappointment.

    My best foraging experience ever was up in Alaska. I was in the forest, looking for mushrooms, when I discovered some wild blueberries. Looking further, I found wild raspberries… and went on to find several more kinds of totally wild berries. I collected a huge bucket full of them, took them back to the house I was renting, ate as many as I could and froze the rest to bring back home to California.

  3. I adore your disappointed face, Rachel – adorable! We get to pick blackbarries down the lane too, even one breakfast is enough to make it worth it – so much fun!

  4. Yummy, yummy! I eat a greek yogurt-granola-berry (sometimes peach) parfait nearly every morning for breakfast. I think I need to start doing my own foraging.

  5. A friend picked wild blackberries & shared them with me last week, and I did the exact same thing with them! 🙂 After eating most of ten plain on the way home of course.

  6. I really love to forage but where I live, it’s never something as recognizable as blackberries. Cactus buds? yeah – think you’ve motivated me to do a post about it.

  7. OH man, they really don’t look meager in that picture. Nor does your hotness in that picture, I might add. Your eyes! Gorgeous.

    We actually just found out today our neighbor around the corner has an apple orchard. I know! How did we not know this? She just brought over a bushel of ‘early’ apples tonight, and we gave her peppers in exchange. It was kind of the most awesome thing ever. (And by the by, she’s seriously thinking about starting a blog about her orchard! If she does, I’ll definitely let you know. She’s fab.)

    • Jules! I love it when you stalk my blog. And you always say the nicest things. Thank you. (I’m batting my eyes at you right now.)

      I think the apple/pepper exchange sounds glorious. That’s the way life’s supposed to be! Honey Crisp apples are my favorite. You’ll have to find yourself one come fall. How were your fab friend’s apples? Blog-worthy?

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