Rachel's Table

Birthday with a Local Girl

Pre-birthday celebrations are the best, especially when a surprise is involved and ESPECIALLY when the friend being celebrated is as sweet and as dear as Deanna.   My friends and I were lucky enough to head to my favorite local, farm-to-table restaurant LBR 614, and a fun and oh-so-delicious meal turned into a birthday surprise when Deanna was presented with desserts from Chef Jeff.  I know I’ve gushed about the food at LBR 614 before, but I don’t think I’ve shared with you the glory that is eating dessert at this fine establishment. It’s like heaven on a plate. Here’s proof:

Chocolate Cheesecake - rich, tangy, smooth and packed with chocolate

Carrot Cake - Perfectly spiced with fluffy cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Amaretto Torte - I can't even begin to describe the deliciousness of this. Chocolate + chocolate + dark chocolate + creaminess = perfection in dessert form

Thank you, Deanna, for being born, because those desserts were amazing!


  1. EVERYTHING was perfect that day…the Maryland Crab Soup that’s filled with crab (nothing like a restaurant that’s generous with the good stuff)! Ra and I decided to try the Angus Hamburger and…not only is the presentation lovely but the taste, oh, that’s how all hamburger should taste! Loved it.

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