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Inspiration and a Guest Post

In a little over a month I’m journeying to a distant land. A land described as “magical” by three different people during recent conversations.



I’ve always wanted to go. Mostly because it’s just about as foreign a place as I can imagine. But the yearning to go began when I was a very young Sunday school student. A favorite teacher told the story of Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India, who saved hundreds of children from lives of enslavement in the Temples. As an adult, I read every word Amy Carmichael wrote and she became my inspiration. Her story is empowering and life-giving.


I wrote about my faith and this inspiration for Vision Nationals, the organization I’ll be visiting and experiencing while in India. If you’re interested in checking out my guest post, click here:

Amy Carmichael and the Courage of Faith

I’m sure I’ll be posting about the food, culture and magic of India once I return.

Until then, tell me: Which inspiration from childhood still inspires you today?


If you’d like to know more about my trip, visit my Pure Charity page.


  1. India is a place that I both WANT to go and don’t EVER want to go, at at the same time. (My husband went to India while, I went to Australia with a friend instead. Our memories were contrasting, to say the least.)

    I’m told that once you see how most of the world’s population lives, it changes your whole perspective about the accepted *American* way of life. I’m looking forward to your peeking into your travel journal when you get back and see if that’s true. Have a safe and inspiring trip!

    • Hey Rachel! Thinking of you today and hoping that life is treating you well. Email me if that’s better. Miss your posts and can’t wait to hear about your India mission trip. 😀

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