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{recipe} Blueberry Salsa

Blueberries are one of my favorite things! Check out this interesting recipe for Blueberry Salsa. Maybe the addition of a jalapeno would be good?

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I have a deep love for blueberries and celebrate each year when the first berries have ripened on the bush.  Some people have a hard time resisting chocolate brownies or sweets, and I can commiserate with them.  But, for me, the real struggle is blueberries. Laugh if you must, I understand it sounds minor.  Those in my family will testify to this: I can, and do, eat an obscene amount of blueberries.  Obscene.  My husband can’t understand how I can eat so many in one sitting.  The workers at the blueberry PYO farm I go to must think that I make jam or pie or….something. But I don’t. I just eat them.

While I am happiest when eating these blue beauties by the handful, I have occasionally been known to spare a few and actually cook with them.  I found a recipe for a blueberry salsa and…

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