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I’ve shared yearofhealthierliving’s blog before. Everything she says in this post is exactly how I feel! I haven’t had any blood tests or doctor visits, but I have trimmed up a bit and generally feel better since adding local, organic, non-processed foods to my daily diet. Here’s more proof that eating REAL food makes for a happier and healthier you (and me)! Now I’m off to gather some arugula from my garden to make this yummy-sounding pesto.


We have been on our family locavore journey for almost six months now. We feel better, have more energy and we are enjoying our food! So I was very interested to see what my doctor would have to say at my annual physical last week. Last year, she gave me a little warning that at 204, my cholesterol was high for the first time ever, and that I had gained about six pounds in the previous year. I was also having trouble sleeping and was feeling very moody at certain times of the month. I thought I might have a thyroid problem (I didn’t).

While we are more conscious about exercising, the biggest change we have made to our lifestyle is our food. We have eliminated soda and fruit drinks, including things like Crystal Light. We have eliminated almost all processed foods from our diet. We buy locally produced, mostly organic and hormone-free…

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