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you say you want a revolution?

I found this chart while reading the blogs I subscribe to. Thanks for posting it, caffeinated by design!  Since it’s Saturday morning, the day I REALLY enjoy my cup of coffee, three times over, I thought I’d share it. Coffee is an item I cannot get locally. I can purchase locally ROASTED coffee, but alas, coffee beans do not grow anywhere near me. Sad times for me, seeing as I’m going local in a mere 23 days. I will have to find a way to cheat on this one, because without coffee I won’t be able to start my own revolution, wake up,  or generally be a nice person. Who else is addicted to coffee? Would you be able to give it up?

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  1. kimtb

    Hi Rachel, thanks for reposting. Good luck on your local adventure. We live in northern California and do our best to eat local, too (easy with produce here, for sure). I remember in Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle where her family did all local for a year, they each had one “cheat” item…and I think her husband’s was coffee. If she can make an exception for coffee, you can too! I would say as long as you buy fair trade coffee, you should feel good about it. Good luck again! Kim

  2. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was one of my inspirations for eating locally. My all-local experiment starts soon, so I’m setting up some ground rules for myself. One of them will clearly state that fair trade, locally roasted coffee is acceptable. 🙂 Thanks for affirming that decision! And thanks for the great post and wonderful blog about one of my favorite things!!

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